Propagating S. nubicola?

basil108August 9, 2012

I was given a Salvia nubicola and wonder if it can be propagated with cuttings of newer growth.

And another gift - what about propagating Salvia lanceolata? Layering?


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We increase S.nubicola via mid-season, semi-woody tip cuttings. It takes some time to grow a substantial plant.

S. lanceolata is the most difficult to increase of the nearly 400 Salvias we grow. Good firm cuttings in mid to late Summer are good. Seed is best, but slow and erratic in its germination. Layering works as well, but is slow and you must manually bend or injure the buried stems.

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Thank You!

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I find S nubicola easier from seed than cuttings. Agree S lanceolata is difficult; think gibberelic acid helps germination of seeds. Neither of them much like life in North Wales!

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