Collecting Platystemon Californicus seed

sparsonsusa(z9 No. CA)June 12, 2005


I'm trying to collect seed from my Platystemon Californicus and not sure if the carpels contain seed.

When I open the capsule, some loose seed comes out. But I read somewhere that the carpels contain a single seed.

So, does anyone know more about this annual?

I probably was able to collect 6 loose seeds, but I have plenty of carpels. Most of them are green and assume they will dry out if I leave them in a cool dry envelope.

Thanks for your help,


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They're in the poppy family. I would assume that the seed pods will contain many seeds.

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sparsonsusa(z9 No. CA)

Thanks. The seed pods actually contains very few seeds. Maybe 2 or 3, if you are lucky. But, I thought a read somewhere that the segments of the pod (the carpels) each contain a seed therein. In which case, I might have a few viable seeds. I've collected the entire thing, just in case.

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