may have created a new Cantaloupe hybrid?

melonmagician(Zone 8a N.Texas)July 16, 2008

Ok I planted Israel Melons (Hao'gen) which are a sweet cantaloupe (but taste like a honey dew and smell like guava)

however something odd has happen to me and has never happened before with these seeds. I had saved seeds from the israel melons in 2005 that I planted and used them year after year with no problem until that is this year!

What has occured and I am guessing is that it has seemed to cross polinate with the banana melons i planted or something else, because now I havwe cucumber shaped melons that have bumps on them just like a pickling cucumber! That does not look or feel anything like the hao'gens so somehow I have a wierd hybrid here.

I need some advice

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does it taste good?


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Yes, you got a cross with another melon like your Banana melon or an Armenian Cucumber which is part of the Cucumis melo family as your Israeli melon is. Some melons do look like cucumbers. They are in the same family. (Cucumbers are Cucumis sativus. They do not cross with melons.)
Melons need insect pollination to make fruit so you have to keep quite a distance between varieties to keep seed saved pure.
Hopefully, you still have the old uncrossed seeds. If not, you will need to buy seeds for the Israeli melon again.

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melonmagician(Zone 8a N.Texas)

thats just it though I never planted Armenian Cucumber or any other cucumber for that matter, however this year we have crookneck squash butternut and is very odd because as you know israel melons are round...and these melons are shaped just like a cucumber and have bumps on at a loss since cucumbers were no where near our garden nor did we plant them, its gotta be the nanna melons...hmmm i will wait and see how they taste

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I believe you misunderstood me. Your melon cannot cross with a cucumber. I was just pointing out the fact that some melons look like, or are called, cucumbers since they are very closely related botanically.
Your melon crossed with another melon. If the only other melon you grew was the Banana melon then that would be the culprit or if you have a neighbor within a 1/2 mile growing melons, it could of crossed with one of their melons.

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I just pulled this off one of my cucumber plants. I am growing Minnesota Midget melons nearby in containers about 10 feet away. The taste is sweet. The flavour is half cucumber half cantaloupe. The flesh is very much like the flesh of a cantaloupe the goo that holds half the seeds is orange like in cantaloupes, and the seeds are arranged like in a cantaloupe. On the other side, the seeds are arranged like in a cucumber.I saved some seeds to see what grows

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