bagging zinnias ?

plantermunnJuly 8, 2008

I bought a pack of seed this year. Zinnia mixed giant. They are mixed but I doubt the giant part.They are only 3 ft tall and the flowers are only 5 inches wide. There are some red ones and purple with big flowers.

How big should a giant zinnia be?

If I bag these before the buds open should I end up with mostly red and purple flowers next year?

Does anyone bother with bagging these?

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Hi plantermunn,
From your description, it sounds like they are up to par for giants. Most of my zinnias range from 1-4 inches. Isolating the flower head will be the only way to keep insects from cross pollinating them. I usually let Mother Nature take care of my pollinating needs. Then I get to see what unusual combinations come up next year. I would also suggest going to the Annuals forum and read the threads posted by maineman about breeding zinnias. You will find a lot of useful information there.

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Thanks. There is a lot of stuff over there.

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