French hollyhocks

AileenEdwordJuly 5, 2011

I decided to try starting my own seeds. I do this every couple of years, and then wish I hadn�t because it�s alot of work and I never get great results

Of the all seeds, I have one successful plant. It is a French Hollyhock and I am hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has had success with this plant. I know that it takes two years before it will bloom, and I am wondering if mine has a chance for survival. It sort of limped along all summer, but has really taken off in the cooler fall months. It�s now about 24 inches high. Can anyone tell me in what kinds of conditions they have had luck with this plant. Does it bloom in the cooler spring months?

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French Hollyhocks(Malva sylvestris) grow best in full sun. They bloom all summer here and into fall. So they bloom while it is fairly warm. Maybe in really hot areas the bloom time is different. I'm not sure where you heard they take 2 years to bloom. They can bloom the first year if they get growing soon enough, and if they don't, they will bloom the following season.

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