Fermentation method? (I'm a newbie)

RyanC95(7B)July 1, 2014

I saw some videos of people saving seeds from plants like tomatoes and eggplants. The people in the video said that fermenting the seeds help increase the germination of the plant when you plant it next year and that it helps with seed borne diseases. Are any of these things true about fermenting your seeds?

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the fermentation method is used to remove the gel like substance that coast the seed only and is the easiest way of doing lots of tom seeds.

increase germination rate .why would you need that . your seeds should be health and in the best of shape with high germination already.

if you have a low germination rate from last year it could be from any number of issues. from seed drying to plant deseeses.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Yes you need to ferment tomato seeds, only tomato seeds. They have a gel substance that causes germination to be difficult. Beyond that is myth.

Squeeze the seeds out into a cup, eat the rest, add water to the cup. I cover with a coffee filter and write the name on the cup or filter and I put a rubber band around the top. Let ferment around 4 days. Add water, pour off, add water, pour off. Keep all the seeds that sink and dry on a paper plate.

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