Lauren Springer Grape Poppy

sybilkrizinski(5)July 9, 2007

Hi all, I was able to purchase three of these plants and they have bloomed. I have never collected seeds before and

I want to save these correctly. My question is; do I wait for the whole plant to die back or what? I know poppies

are suppose to be easy but I want to have plenty of seeds for myself to share with people that want them. Thanks, Sybil

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Hi Sybil,
Don't worry it is easy : )
Just wait for the pods to dry/turn brown. Little holes around the bottom of the cap part will appear. When that happens, cut the pod off and turn it upside down over a bag. Shake the pod and lots of tiny seeds will come out. Then you can just remove the plants because they are done, and as you probably know, will just turn completely brown and not look very attractive.

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