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Hi all. I have read a lot about saving vege seeds and here's my confusion. After all I've read, I'm guessing that there's two ways to save seeds like peppers and tomats eggplant etc. Leave them on the vine/plant until they're overripe and the seeds dry inside.... or pick them at their peak (or fresh), and put the pulp with seeds in it into water and let them "ferment" which would mimic what they'd do if you left them on the plant longer. Sounds simplistic but did I get that right? It's okay to do it both ways?

Would appreciate responses!


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Hi Muddypaws,
Plain old drying or fermenting depends on the plant.
Most seed is allowed to dry on the plant. Some seeds are in a gel that does not easily come off and fermentation removes the gel and also removes pathogens too.
So tomatoes seeds are fermented since they are in gel. You can smear the gel and seeds onto like a paper plate to dry and they will sprout late just fine. There is a few disadvantages to it. The gel keeps the tomato seed from drying as fast, the seeds are clumped together so separating them is a pain, and of course disease pathogens that might be tagging along with the seeds are not destroyed.
To fement, only a tad bit of water is added if needed, but normally the juice of the fruit is sufficient. Too much water actually hampers the fermentation.
Another seed that gets fermented is cucumber seed.
Pepper are not in gel so they would be removed from ripe fruit and left to dry on paper towels or plates.
Eggplants are also dry so they are not fermented. JUst an FYI about eggplant seed saving. Eggplants must be way over ripe to what we consider edible for the seed to be mature enough to harvest.
Hope that helps some,

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