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jderosa(z6 NJ)September 10, 2003

I'm sure that most members here are growing thir Sans. in pots, as I must in Zone 6 (New Jersey). I've been wondering about the proper pot size to use. I know that my S. trifasciata and laurentii can stay pretty crowded in an azalea pot, but some of my plants get pretty heavy rhizomes, and seem to want to spread out a little bit more (like my S. masoniana in a 10" pot with 15 leaves, or S. cylindica, or even S. hallii). I've always been heasitant to put sans in very large pots because I am afraid of watering problems - especially in the winter. I also really don't want to divide them, as I am just starting to get mature growth patterns on some of these plants, and I think dividing them will keep them juvinile.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Joe DeRosa

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Hi Joe. Nothing wrong with repotting your Sans to bigger pots, just don't overdo. Going to a pot a couple inches
larger is fine, will keep you from having to divide, and
will keep them growing. If you're concerned about repotting
with winter coming on where you are, wait til spring. But
if you keep them on the dry side, repotting now is probably

Central Fla

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also if you are worried about overwatering i'd stick with plain, unglazed terra cotta to ensure you have a lot of evaporation going on! I have found that hahnii does well in a 6" pot and will fill it in nicely but in the smaller pots it does seem to act like it wants a lot more room.

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