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joshc(Z8-TX)September 19, 2003

We now have an exchange forum folks, let's make good use of it!

Thanks Spike!


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Thanks also, Spike - though it won't be a lot of good to me unless there are Europeans on the forum - still, it's always fun to read what people are trading.

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Thank you, Spike. Thanks also to Josh. Maybe by next summer I'll have some available.


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This is a great idea. Hopefully next Spring I can have some plants available - mine are winding down for the winter now.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I will watch the trading. No one is going to want the no name varieties I have. I acquired the four plants from my mother and sister. We only new them as Mother in law's tounge and bird nest. LOL!

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Why can't the people of the rest of the world not enter in the exchange page.
In all the forums there are allways americans who are doing the exchanges.
The discussion page is international so everyone can dicide on personal reasons with whom they can exchange or not.
I know every country has his rules but if I want to exchange f.e. with someone from brazil then that is impossible???
Even if I want to exchange in Europe it isn't possible.
Then I need to go to a general plant and seed exchange forum with just a few sansevieria lovers.

Or am I just the only one?

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philofriend(z5 Central MO)

Shipping live plants is so difficult and expensive. It would be great if we could exchange to other countries though, then I could get plants that I'm looking for and can't find in the U.S.

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But, Jover, there is nothing here to say we cannot arrange inter-European trades, or even further-out foreign ones where our own import regulations allow it. There is a European Garden Exchange, and I have traded as a result of posting on it; since hopefully some of us will be from Europe etc. on the Sansevieria Exchange Forum, we will be able to arrange our own trades. All we need is the plants to trade, or swap, as we say over here!

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But I was wrong, we outside the U.S. can't post for exchanges inside Europe as I thought; we will have to contact one another privately, obviously. The Sans exchange is only for U.S. posters.

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What is going on? I just clicked on the Exchange link at the top of this page and was taken to Microsoft Bcentral, whatever that is! I am new to Sans and rapidly becoming enamored of them. I love the silky feeling of the leaves of some and their stiffness and markings. I have only three and have tried to ID them from a book by Hermione Stover, "The Sansevieria Book", which was in the local C&S Society library. I think they may be S. singularis, hahnii, and Crosby's marginata. Can anyone recommend a good book for IDing? The one I mentioned has only black and white photos, though it is very interestingly written.

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Janice, I will have to take a look at Hermoine's book. There is another one, specifically on Sansevieria trifaciata varieties that is easily available at Amazon, I am sure. I don't have the exact spelling of the authors name, so won't go beyond that his first name is Juan. We need to ask Pam what sources she used to give her talk on Sans earlier in the year.

For a plant that has been a standby in nearly every house growing plants since the late 60's, there sure isn't a lot of info available!

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I noticed the book by Juan... and ordered it from Rainbow Gardens Bookshop, but I really wish I could find a copy (to buy) of the one by Hermione. It is so delightfully written.

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