Well How About That!

joshc(Z8-TX)September 5, 2003

We got a Sans forum! Nice! And what an honor to be the first poster. I am happy to report that after nearly a year my big ol sans is finally sending up some shoots. I noticed two little green spikes sticking up about an inch out of the soil the other day. I was beginning to wonder if this guy was ever going to do ANYTHING other than take abuse from my cats, who have managed to knock it over and completely unpot it more than once. It is now safe from the cats though, and apparently happily so. I can't wait to get some more of these things, they are great and practically indestructible! Let's enjoy the new sans forum and everyone thank Spike!


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A sincere thanks to you, Spike, and also to you Josh. I'm hoping to get more plants too, despite the fact that I said I was finished getting plants. Then husband made me a new shelf, and where there was over-crowding, now there are spaces! (I have 32 plants of all sorts in total - wonder where people keep them in their hundreds!) Anyway, those spaces are too much temptation! It's impossible to buy Sans in Ireland except occasionally the Sansevieria trifasciata with the yellow border, laurentii? But hopefully I might be able to trade in Europe sometime. Anyway, this is brilliant!

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Patris(9 Gulf Coast)

I am also happy to have the sans site. I only have about 3 types, but do love em!
Josh, I will have to agree with the indestructible theory, my new puppy thinks that's where you sharpen those little baby teeth!
I have one in the house "just your run of the mill sans" and has been setting in the middle of my living room for about 3 years.
This past spring it sent up 2 very large spikes of these delicate white flowers.
I have had my sans bloom outside, but this was a first for indoors.

Marguerite, WOW! 32 different sans??? that is great.
Where have you found all of your sans if not in Ireland?


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No, Patris - I'm sorry I mislead you! I meant 32 different houseplants! I think I've been having one of those moments - I see now my 'thank you' post is here in this thread!
I have Sansevieria trifasciata 'laurentii' and what I think is the ordinary Sansevieria trifasciata (although the young offsets are very white in colour in the part of the leaf which is later light-green - my plant came from Switzerland and was a gift from a neighbour), and I also have golden Hahnii and a little Hahnii silver marginata which is hanging on to life and has been since I got it two years ago, sent from England. Then I have the Futura hybrid which looks like the laurentii, i.e. just with a stockier appearance. So that's five types in all, although I have been propagating the offsets.
The peculiar thing about the Sansevieria to me is that even the possession of one is amazing.
I remember when I saw Connemara first - it has all these little green islands like whales dotted around in the sea - I got a strange 'real' feeling that first day; that's the way I felt when I saw a Sansevieria in real life first - it's quite unique to look at, isn't it? Now, I have to admit a preference for the tall ones because I like tall plants - does anyone else feel the same?

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Hi everyone,

I am so glad to have this site. I love plants, but my main loves are african violets and sansevierias. They are one of my newer passions, and right now have 5 different types. My Black Gold is producing a flower stalk right now and I am so excited! I also have the ordinary Sansevieria trifasciata(actually 2 of these), but they appear different so one may be something else. Also, a Bantel's Sensation which is beautiful and has longitudinal striping.
Then I have Nelsonii which is very dark and is a very slow grower, but I like it a lot. And last is my Golden Hahnii, and I just find out they should be watered very infrequently. This information is coming from a book recently purchased, my only source of information. So, I am
thrilled this forum has started. I have so many questions, which I won't ask just right this minute. Most of these were acquired this year, so I am really new to growing these.

Yes, I too prefer the taller plants, rather than the dwarfs,I think, but I do like Golden Hahnii. We had a "snakeplant" at home when growing up and that I always favored, so I guess my tastes haven't changed at all. My plants right now are on an enclosed back porch, but soon I will need to bring them in. I hope they continue to do as well.

It is so nice to have other sans growers to share ideas and knowledge.


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Nice to have an other alternative to get info about sans.
I just started colleting sans since 2 years and I am allways interested in exchanging info.

Thanks Herman

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I've been growing Sans for several years, but only in the last few years have I discovered there are so many varieties! I got an S. parva offset a couple of years ago. Last winter, I walked into my little greenhouse-off-the-kitchen and thought I smelled a Hoya in bloom. To my surprise, it was the S. parva. Wow, what a scent! I can't wait for it to bloom again this year!! Glad to see a Sans forum!

Denise in Omaha

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kathystanke(z4 WI)

I'm thankful for this forum too!! I only have three different sans and just started growing them, with interest, this year. will be lurking, if nothing else, so as to learn more and maybe add more sans to my "gimme" list.


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I'm happy to see this forum! I have five different varieties of sanseveria.

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Marguerite-- I prefer the smaller birdsnest forms. I imagine it has to do with the fact that i gre up with a pass-me-down birdsnest... Which at forst i thought was hahnii but now that i bought a hahnii I am not so sure.. mine is even smaller and lighter in color! A pot full of those little guys was just so cute. For a while i kind of got into the larger ones but now i'm back with the smaller ones. I have a tall trif. in (completely filling) a 8" pot. Am sort of hoping that as it gets tighter and tighter it will bloom... and i picked up a shorter (but not rosette formed) sans from walmart that has a thick golden edge to it for cheap... for months i have been ignoring the nagging feeling that i just have to have a golden hahnii... sigh. I think i may just have to get one.

Josh--my taller sans took a kitty kind of beating, about 5 had taken a liking to it and kept breking off leaves. i kept sticking them into the pot and now i have a million different plants lol. Now i keep it wher only 2 cats like to sit and they are more excited by the window (and the birds on the line outside) than the plant.

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Patris(9 Gulf Coast)

Marguerite, no problem I just thought if you had 32 sans you would just have to me be my new best friend!!! "LOL"

I know there are a lot of Sans out there and I do look forward to trying to get as many as possible.

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And I found a lovely English nursery that sells them - now all I have to do is win the lotto! Though somehow, if I could afford them all it mightn't be half the fun.

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I think I have about 27 different kinds of sans, and about 40 individual plants. They are so difficult to come by - the more unusual ones I mean.

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I have found the new Black Gold and Black Coral! Both are beautiful. I love them because they are so unique, and care is so easy! Terrific Plants!

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If you ever have pictures of them, Tropicalgal, I for one would love to have a look!

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