questions about collecting seeds from salvias?

first_time_gardenerAugust 18, 2006

This is my first year growing salvias, but I have a few different varieties between two gardens. I have victoria white, salvia evolutions, bonfire salvia, and ones that just say 12 pack on the tag - grow to about 12 inches.

As far as the Bonfire, and 12 pack go I have figured out where to get the seeds on them but have yet to figure out the victoria white and the evolutions. Was wondering if someone could explain to me where I would find seeds on the plants and possibly describe or post a pic of what they look like.

thanks would greatly appreciate any help or advice!

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

See my old thread:

Saving seed of New World Sages
 Posted by: Rich_Dufresne z7 NC on Wed, Aug 25, 04 at 13:12
 10 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Nov 3, 05 at 9:01

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you so much that was a big help! Was able to find a few seeds last night!

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I like to cut off the flower stalks and stick them upside down in a paper bag.... they fall out and voila... seeds! It's my high tech way. :D

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sounds like less work and a little less tedious (sp?). Going to have to try that one next. Do I need to wait until a certain point to do that ie when they seem to be done blooming?


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I wait till the seeds start turning brown. You lose a lot that way, due to them turning brown at different times, but then, you might have reseeding in the same place, so I usually don't care... but I am a relaxed seed collector. You can also collect the early brown turners by shaking the stalk over a plate or something to catch the seeds, depending on which salvia you are collecting... some are more stubborn.

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I run down to my salvias everyday and stickybeak inside the calyxs it is fun, I noticed my salvia greggii navaho pink have set seeds, they are cool to watch when the seeds are ready the calyx actually bursts open and you can see the shiny black seeds are ready to collect,before they burst you feel the calyx and you know which ones have seeds they are full but the calyx is closed. Other salvias you can look inside to see seeds forming, it is an adventure with different salvias doing different things.


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