Help-Hardy Hibiscus seed saving

meriannaJuly 20, 2008

After the flower forms and blooms it falls off, along with the seed pod. The pod gets wet and rots on the ground. Is it normal for them to fall off? Am I supposed to pick them up and dry them to get seeds?

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Hi Merianna,
If the pod area falls off immediately, the flowers are not getting pollinated. Sometimes this happens with the early blooms,(sometimes plants do this during really hot weather but I can't imagine hibiscus being one of them,) and then the rest form seeds. If you have a lot of flowers though and none seem to be developing seed, you can hand pollinate. A small paint brush works great, just go around quickly brushing all flower centers(staminal columns) and you'll get seed development.

Here is a link that might be useful: hibiscus anatomy pics

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Thank you, Remy. I will try that. I don't think its a water issue even though Texas is crazy hot right now. I have a sprinkler system.

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