Hybridizing cannas

poisondartfrogJuly 18, 2007

Anyone working on hybridizing cannas? I have done some work with daylilies and tomatoes, but that's it.

I have found cannas to be easy to grow from seed, but I would really like to effect some controlled crosses. I would appreciate any insight anyone can provide.

Thanks! Alana

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I have harvested some Canna seeds, but can't seem to get them to germinate. But then again, maybe I didn't wait long enough. How long is the germination time?
(I don't know anything about hybridizing, so I can't
help you there). Thank You.

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Did you wait until the seeds were mature enough to harvest? They should have developed a blackish hardened exterior.
To get early blooms I start my canna seedlings in late February indoors or in the greenhouse. I have used an emery board to rough up the hard seed coat in the past, but this year I knicked them with a knife, which I believe worked better.
After I knick the seeds, I soak them in warm water for several hours or overnight and plant them about 1/2 inch deep in jiffy mix or a lightweight potting mix keeping the planting medium from drying out. I use bottom heat. They usually germinate in a week to 10 days.

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I did let them mature, as they were quite black and
very hard and about the size of a large pea. I also
put them in a grow mix in early March of last year.
I didn't know anything about knicking the seeds but
left them in the grow mix for a couple of months and
then gave up on them. I'll try again next spring
and do as you suggest. Thank you.

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Were would you find the seeds on this plant?

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Sorry for the slow response. I had not checked back lately. Here is a photo of a canna seed pod in my garden. It is the green "knobby" pod that appears where a floret was attached. The seed pod will turn brown when it is ready to harvest and the seeds inside will be black, or near black. Some cannas do not set seed, but this one, Peach Frost, does.

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