Dead salvia but lots of seeds . . .

ramazz(8a VA)August 15, 2007

I was on vacation for 3 weeks and had my drip hoses on an automatic timer that watered every 3-4 days. Nevertheless, I came home to a few dead plants, including 2 salvias that must have been too far away from the hoses. Both of these must have hit their blooming peak while I was gone, since they left behind a lot of dried flowers. One of them, I am pretty sure, was one of my Salvia Ringens, since the dried remains are where the plant once was. The other plant may have been my only Salvia Patens, because that plant has also disappeared. It had barely started blooming when I left, but what I found was an enormous pile of dried flowers which were loaded with large seeds. There were multiple blooms on each stem but everything is brown so there is no way to confirm that the flowers were indeed Patens.

I have labeled the seeds "Patens??" and am wondering if that is a logical deduction. The seeds are about the size of grape seeds, and more round than oval. If I plant one of these seeds now, will it grow enough for me to determine what the plant is?


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ramazz(8a VA)

Well, I will have to solve this mystery on my own, I guess. I don't think I had any other salvias in that general vicinity that would produce those large seeds. I am going to plant some other stuff this weekend to check germination anyway.

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