To buy or not buy....

elichka(6b)September 25, 2012

i'm about to buy S.'Gold Flames' but would like an advice from our GW's. Is this plant is picky because of variegation? Please rate it on scale 1-10

Thanks a lot


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Hi Inna,

I have only been growing GoldFlame for a short time, so my opinion shouldn't count too much. But I will rate it anyway. ha! I just love this plant. It established quickly and is growing after being planted in early August. I'll give it a 10.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I got one that I can send you. It's not real full of yellow but it shows some promise. And these are very easy to grow. They can take some cold and wettness unlike most heavy variegated ones. They grow smaller than regular futura.

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thank you for the offer. I would love to get it. i will send you email


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Thanks for recommending. even if you new to them


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I'd give it a 10 too. Stush sent me one (my new best friend... Stush I mean, not the Sans, although it is my favorite Sans now) a couple weeks ago and it's already exploded with new roots and is growing really fast compared to my other Sans. You will definitely love it. :)


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I got one early on and one from Stush. The one from Stush actually seems to be a stronger plant. Don't know if they are one and the same but they certainly look identicle!! Nice colorful plant!

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