Maternal instinct waning in American white women?

tobr24u(z6 RI)July 24, 2013

Last year was the first time that more Americans died than were born. This was interpreted by Barbara Amiel,a Canadian essayist, to speculate that with all of the options available to them that being a mother might not be as strong an instinct as we previously thought. Interesting, but I'm not sure that I buy it, how about you? (Maclean's,July 1&8),

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Do you mean more American babies died than were born? Or more American white babies? Or more white Americans? Or more Americans?

Is it me or is something here vague?

I don't understand the statistic.

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I think probably Richard, that the economy has at least somewhat to do with it. Couples that might otherwise want to start a family are dealing with just making ends meet and aren't ready to bring a baby into that situation. Also there are those who think the world is a mess period and don't believe they would be doing the right thing bringing a child into this world.

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More ethnic whites died than were born in the USA - a difference of about 12,400. However, that was offset by the immigration of 188,000 non-Hispanic whites mostly from Canada, Germany, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

Article link below.

Population demographics change. It's what happens all the time all over the world and throughout history. Is it a linear trajection? We'll have to wait and see, but it's interesting to watch and speculate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Non-H Whites-Births, Deaths.Trend or Anomaly?

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It is weird to be so far outside the average for my demographic. I am more typical for 1880, which means I only have a few years to live, at most.

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Barbara Amiel is the wife of Conrad Black, Canada's resident millionaire criminal and fraudster, the woman whose statement to Vanity Fair Magazine, "My greed knows no bounds," brought down her husband's empire and drew attention to their lavish lifestyle on others' money.
Why would anyone listen to this bottom feeder and worse yet, quote her opinions as if they were valuable?

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Thanks for your post, ninamarie. I didn't know who the author is, looked her up, and you are right that she is pretty scummy. Moving on.

I should know better than to trust the op poster.

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Barbra Amiel and her husband , Conrad Black, are an embarrassment to Canada...actually more to themselves than Canada.

Not sure where they live now. Barbara preferred their home in Florida while Conrad was in jail there. They have been totally ostracized from the British "social set" they so longed to be part of and Black has been stripped of his Canadian citizenship.

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Affluent females tend to reproduce at a much lower rate than non affluent females-this is a cultural trend that goes back through history. Roman women were harangued about not having enough children so that Rome was being taken over by foreigners. Since white women are more likely to be affluent then......All in all resident Americans have not been reproducing themselves for some time-decades-we have been growing only by virtue of immigration for a long time. Since a large part of that growth has been Hispanic the demographic makeup of the country will change.
It is only when this sort of information is used to express racism or xenophobia that it becomes a problem.

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tobr24u, my opinion is that there are many animal instincts; but human beings are the only species who can - of their own free will - curb or control these instincts.
For instance, a mother will disobey her own instinct to survive in order that her offspring might.
And so, I believe that the "Western Woman" has subordinated her maternal instinct to some other perceived higher need.
I do not feel up to the task of debating the merits and demerits of this choice.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

If she is still being published by Maclean's she must have something to say of merit. And Pidge, I am sure your profound offerings would lift this forum to new heights...

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Not sure what the author has to do with the question anyway?

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