How do you store your seeds?

kerrieseedchickJuly 6, 2009

Just curious--what is your favorite method for storing your seeds? Do you get a decent yield during subsequent years? Thanks for letting me know!!

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gardener_mary(6 MA)

I put them into plastic containers in the refrigerator as soon as I get them and try not to keep them out any longer than necessary. I'm using containers (without holes) that I got spring mix in right now. I do not bring seed packages outside (I put only what I'm going to plant into small cups to go outside), do not leave them in direct sunlight and never allow them to get damp. I believe that my seeds hold up pretty well this way.

Good gardening, Mary

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Mine are stored in either little zip lock bags, or envelopes, or even brown paper bags if I haven't gotten the seeds separated from the faded blooms.

I store them in a plastic bin under my bed where it is cool, dark, and dry.


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After I collect my seeds I let them dry for several days til upto a week. And then I finally put them into little plastic baggies that are labeled and then I put them all into a galloon size zip bag and then they go into one of the crispier drawers in the fridge that does not have the moisture level thingy. And they stay here until I am ready to sort them to start doing my wintersowing then they are just kept in a photo storage box. And the cycle starts all over again.


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I use anything I can find, envelopes, old pill bottles, 2 oz baby bottles (I work in a Women's Center hospital), zip loc bags. I label and put in the crisper of the fridge. Also have a large coffee container that I keep small packs of seeds in and then it goes in the fridge.

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So, you put all your dried seeds in the fridge for several months? This morning I collected pelargonium seeds [dried in a paper bag]and stored them in a ziplock. Can I reuse the seeds right now or do I have to cool them?
Thank you

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I store mine in seperate baby food jars,, and label them of course, but I also have an icing container that I collect and mix wildflower seeds in and sprinkle those wherever in the spring.

I store my containers in the basement on a shelf.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

marcejen chilling or stratifying is not needed but according to this article it is better to scarify before planting. Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Raising Pelargoniums from Seed by the Sprouting method

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I take sandwich baggies and put seeds into them.mark em and loosly roll them up to where air can still get in and out.I store mine in my shop where is dry and no sun.As long as the seeds dont ever sweat in the baggie or get wet,they'll be fine,use a shoe box to put em in,that'll help keep em dry to and in the dark.Main thing is to make sure the seeds are fully dried before storing them,the moisture in the pods can rot em in the baggie.

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I make paper seed packets from a template that includes lines to record basic planting information. If I'm really feeling ambitious I decorate the packet.

Then the packets go into a Mason jar and into a dark cupboard in our unheated basement.

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I find plastic bags to be a hassle, envelopes to either fly away (I am in a windy location) or spill out.

My favorite storage is empty prescription bottles with the caps of course. They are narrow and easy to store. I use computer labels to label my seeds. I separate by color with the exception of some that I want to re-sow as a mix.

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

I buy boxes of regular small envelopes at the dollar store. After the seeds are very dry, I put them in an envelope. Sometimes I cut the envelopes in half for smaller amounts. I tape them closed and write on them. I can write more than just the name on the envelope. I also write any instructions and the year on there. I cut open one end or corner when needed, roll it closed and secure with a paperclip. I store these envelopes in a basket in a spare room that is kept cool. The paper envelopes keep them dry and out of the light. The basket also lets the air circulate. I have had good success with these. If I get seeds in a trade in plastic bags, I leave them in those.

I don't think seeds would survive in my fridge. My guys would probably eat them... :-)

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