tkhooper(7)July 5, 2008

I have Celosia that is shaped like a feather and it is blooming nicely. I would love to collect the seeds but haven't any idea how to tell when to harvest the seed head to get mature seeds. Can you help me please?

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Hi TK,
Celosia is very easy to collect seeds from. The flowers will dry and as they dry the center stalk part of the flowers will develop little round black seeds. They will be covered in them.

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Hey TK,
Here's a picture to help you see what the seeds look like. Even though the picture is Cockscomb Celosia, the seed will look the same for Plume Celosia. Once the flower head has turned brown, I clip it and place it in a plastic bag. I gently rub the flower head and all of the small black seeds will fall into the bag. All set to go for next year!

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Awesome piture... I was coming on to ask the same question. Thanks!

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Thank you so much for the information. I'm getting lots of seeds now.

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