cuttings from abroad??

matias_buschAugust 31, 2007

Have someone experience in sendig by mail cuttings or small plants?

Here in Argentina there are some people that made an experience with s. divinorum cuttings, and aparently that works.

My interest is know if I could have some salvias that is difficult to have from seed, and easy from cutting, and impossible to find in Argentina.

An example is S. Madrensis



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Hi Matias,

My Salvia madrensis has set some seeds you are welcome to try some,Salvia seeds are really easy to germinate, Surface Sow the seeds and they will germinate, the only thing you have to remember is to surface sow as they need light to germinate, Are you allowed cuttings from overseas?, A lot off countries dont allow it,very strict customs here and no cuttings are allowed.

Cheers Annette

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The same restrictions exist here in California, Matias, but I would be willing to send/exchange salvia seeds with you. I know there are a broad range of ecosystem types in ARG, so I don't know how these would do for you, but all of these are adapted to hot, dry conditions with little summer rain or humidity:
Salvia apiana
Salvia clevelandii 'Winifred Gilman'
Salvi greggi (red flowers, unknown cultivar)
Salvia mellifera
Salvia mellifera 'Tera Seca' (low growing)
S. 'Alan Chickering' - (S. clevelandii x S. leucophylla cross.

All of these seeds are open-pollinated.

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thanks annette, I´ve no idea of argentinian restrictions for cuttings, I´ve to ask first.

thanks dicot, now It´s very exciting to see growing some salvias that gerry sent some month ago.

Now, it´s time for spring here!!!

my email is

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

I have sent cuttings by mail (within the US). I prepared cuttings as I normally would for planting (about 15 or 20 cm of stem, a couple of leaves on top, leaves removed from at least one leaf node at the lower end of the cutting), wrapped the lower half of the cuttings in moist paper towels, wrapped the entire bundle in a plastic bag, and packed them all in a cardboard tube or box. Cuttings can survive a week or more this way, provided they do not get too hot. Cuttings shipped this way seem to grow almost as well as fresh cuttings.

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thanks ladyslppr

so, it seems to work, as here with s. divinorum

but we have to check law restrictions.

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