Salvia macrophylla Upright

warddaAugust 24, 2007

My plants which were grown from seed last winter have just begun to flower. Is this about average for seed grown plants here in zone 7? I'm really enjoying their bicolor blue flowers and they seem quite happy among a row of tall pink zinnias.

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I thought that the flowers on macrophylla were all blue, dont recall them being bicolor, I sowed seeds off the macrophylla purple leaf in January and it has been flowering for months now, probably doesnt answer your question though as I am in a different zone, different species flower earlier than later than others, some within 2 months here and some I have to wait a year to see flowers, Perverse things these salvias that is what makes them unique:)

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The flowers are actually only slightly bi-colored,the lower lip is darker but this fades as the flower ages. Their lateness is likely my fault. There was so much to plant this spring that they got into the ground some three weeks late. I agree that salvias can be perverse, although that is something that the gardener can use to his advantage. Here in New Jersey our summers a really variable, some really hot and dry like this one and others where it seems to rain all the time. But no matter what the weather some of the sages are going to be really pleased and it doesn't hurt that they aren't the same ones every year.

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