update: update: seed clean out - going once...going twice

elliesfunFebruary 16, 2013

Are you ready? Here's the updated list. Day two is just about over....ONLY ONE DAY LEFT (MONDAY). You may claim as many items as you like. After the name of the seeds, I supplied how many trades are available. If there is no number given that means only one packet is left. Remember, it's a first come, first serve.

Please post on this post only as I will not be checking the older post what seeds you would like put in your package.
This is for the those that participated in the Incredible Edible 5th annual seed Clean out swap only. Any unclaimed seeds will go to the community garden.

Ambercup - 3
Australian Butter - 6
Blue Hubbard
Boston Marrow
Buttercup - 7
Butternut - 4
Confection F1 Hybrid - 2
Spaghetti - 3
Sweet Meat Hubbard
Sweet Meet
Sweet Potato
Table Ace Hybrid
Table King
Table Queen (2)
Uchiki Kuri - 5
Walthan butternut - 3


Field peas - 4
Little Marvel

Cowpeas -California Blackeye - 2
Green Lentils - 3

Black Beauty - 3
Blanka F1 Hybrid

Burpee Hybrid
Burpee Hybrid II Slicer
North Carolina Pickling
Wisconsin SMR 58 - 2
Everbearing SMR-58
Homemade Pickling
Lemon cucumbers - 3
Marketmore - 2
Masterpiece - 3
Straight Eight - 7
Sweeter Yet Hyb


Blue Hopi Corn - 5
Corn - Bi-Color sweet
Corn hybrid Quickie - 2
Hulless Popcorn
Indian Corn
Kandy Corn -2
Incredible -2
Golden Cross Bantam - 2

Arugula - wild
Cilantro - 2
Dill Mammouth Long Island - 11
Dill - Fernleaf
Fennel - Bronz
Fennel - 2
Garden Sage -2
Parsley -Moss Curled - 2
Garlic chives - 4

Big Max - 4
Connecticut Field - 2
Dill’s Giant Atlantic
Early Sweet Sugar- 14
Geraumon Martinique
Gurney’s Giant Magic
Jack of All Trades
Jack Be Little - 2
Jack O' Lantern - 6
Jaradale - 10
Mars F1 Hybrid
New England Pie
Rouge Vif d’Etamps - 10
Small Sugar
Sugar Pie - 2
Touch of Autumn - 3
Triple Treat - 4
Turner Family
Winter Luxury - 6

Amana orange
Beefstake - 13
Big Boy - 2
Blondkopfchen Cherry
Bonny Best
Brandywine - yellow
Cherokee Purple
Container Choice
Crimson Cushion
Earl’s Faux - 2
Golden Queen
Juliet hybrid
Marglobe - 2
Matt’s Wild Cherry
Moravi - 2
Oregon Spring
Pink Brandywine - 2
Red San Marzano - 2
Red Pear - 5
Rutgers - 6
Striped Cavern - 2
Sweet Beverley Cherry
Tommy Toe
Ukrainian (probably surname)
VR Moscow - 5
Yellow Cherry - 7
Yellow Pear

Kohlrabi Early White Vienna - 3
Beet - Crapaudine
Beet - Cylindra
Beet - Detroit Dark Red - 4
Beet Early Wonder - 11
Beet Ruby
Turnip Purple Top White Globe - 12
Rutabaga Laurentian - 8
Radish Candela di Fuoco Italian - 5
Radish Champion - 3
Radish Cherry Belle - 6
Radish French Blush
Radish French Breakfast - 6
Radish - Miyashige white Daikon
Radish - Scarlet
Radish Sparkler - 2
Radish Sparkler White Tip - 2
Radish White Icicle - 6

Collards -Georgia - 2
Endive Blonde Full Heart
Mustard Florida Broadleaf - 2
Spinach Bloomsdale -3
Spinach Giant Noble
5 color rainbow chard
Swiss Chard Barese
Swiss Chard Fordhook
Swiss Chard Rainbow
Swiss chard Lucallus - 3

Black Diamond - 2
Black Tail Mountain - 9
Charleston Grey - 10
Crimson Sweet
Dixie Queen
Florida Giant - 4
Gurney’s Delight Hyb
Jubilee - 3
Moon & Stars
Orange Flesh Tendersweet - 3
Orange Glo - 6
Sugar Baby - 3
Sweet Siberian - 5
Tendersweet yellow

Amish - 3
Anthena Hybrid - 3
Banana - 4
Collective Farm Women - 2
Edonis F1 Hybrid
Field’s Sweet Gem Hyb - 2
Green Nutmeg
Ha Ogen Muskmelon
Hales Best - 3
Hearts of Gold
Honey King
Honey Rock Cantaloupe
Hoodoo Canteloupe
Jumbo Hales Best
Moir De Carmes - 9
Rocky Ford Cantelope - 3
Swan Lake - 3
Top Mark
Wonder Melon

Black Zucchini - 3
Burpee’s Hybrid Zucchini
Dark Green zucchini - 4
Early Crookneck - 4
Early Prolific Straightneck - 5
Gentry Hybrid - 2
Gurney’s Pride 11 Hyb - 2
Medley Blend of Hybrid - 3
Parthenon F1 Hybrid
Patisson Strie Melange - 2
Scallop Squash white
Tristan F1 Hybrid - 2
Yellow Crookneck
Jackpot Hybrid - 4

Okra Burgundy - 2
Okra" Clemson Spineless - 4
Okra -small green
Brussel Sprouts - Long Island
Cauliflower - Early Snowball


Danish Ballhead
Early Golden Acre - 3
Early Jersey Wakefield - 3
Elisa F1 Hybrid - 2
Ferry’s Round Dutch - 3
Tendersweet - 3
Wheelers Imperial
White - 10


Chianti Hybrid - 2
Cubanelle - 2
Cuneo Giallo F1 Hybrid - 4
Emerald Giant
Habanero - orange
Hot Pepper Mix - 3
Long Red Cayenne - 2
Pimiento Chili
Pizza Pepper - 2
Serrano Chili
Sweet Banana - 5
Sweet pepper Hyb. Bell Mix - 3
Wisconsin Lakes - 4

Chives - 4
Garlic Chives - 5
Evergreen Bunching Onions - 2
Green Onions
Yellow Sweet Spanish
Celery - Utah 52-70 - 5
Thornless Blackberries - 4
Mary Washington Asparagus
Ground Cherry

I have just made the final list of all changes. Please use this list so you won't be disapointed if something is gone. Monday night around 6:00 pm I will start to seal the packages so that they can be mailed out on Tuesday. Thank you all for participating in the swap.


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crystalline_ca(z9 CA)

Hi Ellie,

I'd like to have the following seeds if they are still available:

Black Tail Mountain Watermelon
Radish - Miyashige white Daikon
Radish White Icicle
Coronado Crown Hyb Broccoli
Fennel - Florence
Amana Orange Tomato
Atris F1 Hybrid Pepper
Cuneo Giallo F1 Hybrid Pepper
Incredible Corn
Wrinkled cress
Beet Touchstone Gold
Swiss chard Lucallus
Cocozelle Italian
Parthenon F1 Hybrid Summer Squash
Golden Midget Watermelon
Waltham 29 Broccoli
Thai ‘Rai Kaw Tok” Pumpkin

Thanks so much for all the fun. Have a great weekend!

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Hi! I'd like the following:

Sugar Snap peas
Blondie Peas
Burpless Hybrid Cuke
Marketmore Cuke
Paul Robeson Tomato
Pineapple Tomato
Plum Lemon Tomato
Red Oxheart Tomato
Chocolate Cherry Tomato
Violet Jasper Tomato
Tommy Toe Tomato
Cocozelle Zucchini
Midnight Zucchini

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I'd like:

Super Seeet 100 tomato
Turnip Purple Top White Globe
Endive Green Curled Ruffled
Kale Vates Blue
Beet Detroit Dark Red

Thanks, Don

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Some of these are in your envi's already but the rest I put in. Crystalline_ca, I couldn't find the Waltham 29 Broccoli or the Thai Raw Kaw Tok pumpkin but I have on a separate list to look for. It could have gotten mixed up with some other seeds and will eventually show up.



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Would like if still available

jumbo hales best cantaloupe
swan lake
grey gourment hybrid
chinese giant pepper
grand bell sweet
hot pepper mix
mini belle red
mini sweets
purple beauty
parnah sweet heart
sweet pepper hybrid
thia chile f1 hybird
tabasco chile
pimento sweet
jack of all trades
thai rai kaw tok
winter luxury
chocolate cherry tomato
juliette black krim
moravi f1 hybrid
mystery keeper
super sweet 100
radish french blush
radish candela di fuoco italian
moon and stars watermelon
long milky way
sweet siberian
banana melon
green machine ice cream melon
mars winter squash
blondie peas
sugar snap peas
purple hull
carolina hybrid
blue dent corn
blue hopi corn
indian corn
kandy corn
strawberry popcorn
true lavender
pumpkin giant magic

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would like the following:

chianti hybrid pepper
pimento sweet pepper
dolce vita blend basil
rosso bruno tomato
navaho watermelon
cocozelle zucchini
rampicante "
copenhagen broccoli

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may i add these please:
mars winter squash
tennesse sweet potato squash
green lentils
blanka eggplant
blue hope corn
falcorosso tomato
red sausage tomato
speckled roman tomato
cocozelle italian zucchini

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I think these two were on my list. Please add if not already in my envelope:
Okra burgundy
Athena (anthena) melon

Also want if available:
De Cicco broccoli
Arkansas traveller tomato
Rutgers tomato

Thanks for all your hard work, Ellie

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Wow, what a list! I'd like
Hot pepper mix
Sweet banana pepper
white cabbage
Banana melon
Swan lake melon
Austrailian butter
Lincoln peas
Green lentil
Strawberry popcorn
Kandy corn
Giant noble spinach
Jaradale pumpkin
New england pie
Striped stuffer
Yellow stuffer
Gardeners delight
If still available,please. Thank you very much!

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spacetogrow(4 MN)

Please add if available:

Table King Squash
Garden Sage
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry
Amber Globe Turnip
Radish Candela de Fuoco Italian
Radish Cherry Belle
Radish French Breakfast
Radish White Icicle
Watermelon Blacktail Mountain
Watermelon Early Moonbeam
Watermelon Sweet Siberian
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Melon Collective Farm Woman
Melon Iroquois
Melon Noir de Carmes
Broccoli Waltham
Broccoli Spigarello
Cabbage Early Golden Acre
Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield
Cabbage Tendersweet
Cabbage White
Thyme - common
Kohlrabi Early White Vienna

Thank you very much. Have an efficient weekend!!

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Don't forget you still have two more days in which to claim seed. I have updated the list since lots were gone. Tomorrow night I will actually take some time and go through the seeds to see which are still available and how many of the variety and then post another updated list.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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lysa39(8/9 CA)

Please add these if you have them

Spaghetti squash
Walthan butternut
Any sweet potato
Uckiki kuri

Eggplant long hybrid

Cucumber burpless pi hybrid

Corn strawberry popcorn

Garlic chives
Wrinkled cress

Pumpkin white
Gurneys giant magie

Tomato pineapple
currant red cherry
Earls faux
Red sausage
Juliette black krim
Plum lemon
Pink brandywine
Speckled roman
Violet jasper

Watermelon moons and stars
Early moonbean
Golden miget

Thank you very much lisa

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lunar_owl(7a / Long Island)

Oh my, I want most of the list. :-D If any of the following is still available, can you send them my way?

Argonant Hybrid

Blondie or Lincoln
Sugar snap

one of the fennels

Early Sweet Sugar
Rouge Vif d’Etamps
Thai ‘Rai Kaw Tok”
Touch of Autumn

Cherokee Purple
Chocolate Cherry
Container Choice
Oregon Spring
Super Sweet 100
Tomatillo - Verde
Yellow Stuffer

Beet Early Wonder
Turnip Purple Top White Globe
Rutabaga Laurentian
Radish Candela di Fuoco Italian

one of the endives

Black Tail Mountain
Early Moonbeam

Amy Melon
Collectie Farm Woman

Okra" Clemson Spineless

Early Jersey Wakefield

Atris F1 Hybrid
Chinese Giant
Mini Sweets
Purple Beauty
Sweet Banana
Sweet Pimento

Thanks for doing all this!

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vajeff(7b VA)

Huh, so here it was. I completely overlooked the new thread. Looks like I missed out on some interesting varieties - can't believe I missed 'Golden Midget'. Whoops! I'll have to pay better attention next time.

Let's see... I would enjoy the following:

Watermelon - Sugar Baby
Melon - Collective Farm Women
Melon - Noir De Carmes
Melon - Tigger
Tomato - Yellow Stuffer
Tomato - Aztec
Thornless Blackberries
Celery - Utah 52-70
Winter Squash - Sweet Dumpling
Winter Squash - Australian Butter
Winter Squash - Thelma Sander's Sweet Potato
Pumpkin - Winter Luxury
Peas - Field Peas
Rutabaga - Laurentian

If any of these are already included in my package, please omit my "bid" for them so that someone else might try them.

Thank you!

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Ok everyone. Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day for the Going once....Going Twice. About 6:00 pm on Monday I will start to tape up all the envelopes for mailing on Tuesday. I am sure the post lady will close her window when she sees me bringing in a box full to be weighed.

I just finished putting in all the updates as to what is still available. Thank you all for being so patience with me. We had a total of 1,762 packets of seed.

Have a great evening everyone.


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Hi, I don't know if it's a faux paux to post a second time, but if there aren't any other takers for it, I wouldn't mind having the Patission Strie Melange squash too - it's my favorite.


Thanks for all your work!!

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Found a couple more I would love to try,only if someone else doesn't want them.
Spinach bloomsdale
Moir De Carmes melon
Patisson Strie Melange summer squash
Thornless blackberry
Thank you Ellie! Getting excited! Thank you everyone for sharing!! Have a great night :)

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crystalline_ca(z9 CA)

Hi Elle,
I'd like to have the Early Snow Ball Cauliflower and Mary Washington Asparagus if no one wants these.
Thanks so much for your hard work.

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lunar_owl(7a / Long Island)

Hi Elle,

If still available, I would also be interested in the Thornless Blackberries & the Geraumon Martinique.

Thanks again for doing all this.

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lysa39(8/9 CA)

Wanted to add these to my want list.

Thornless blackberries
Bunching onions
Garlic chives
Ground cherry
All peppers that are left
Green onions
Corn bi color sweet
Tomato amana orange
Green lentils peas
Corn hulless popcorn
kandy corn
Blue hopi corn

pumpkin big max
Dills giant Atlantic
small sugar
Triple treat
Small sugar
Early sweet sugar

Tomato container choice
Brandywine yellow
cherokee purple
Pink brandywine
Matts wild cherry
Red pear
Striped cavern
Tommy toe
Yellow cherry
Yellow pear

Greens 5 color rainbow chard
Watermelon sweat Siberian
Florida giant

Melons Amish
Honey king
Jumbo hales best
Swan lake
Wonder melin

Summer squash black zucchini
early crookneck
Yellow crookneck
Early prolific straight neck

Brussel sprouts
mary Washington asparagus

Thanks so much again

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I didn't get the deadline, I worked all weekend, but if there is anything edible left over, I'd love to have it.

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Everything got mailed out this morning so packages are on there way. There was 634 packets of seed that was sent on to the community gardens so that should help with those garden as well.

I want to thank all who participated and sent in seeds plus the extras to be donated. I know those will be appreciated to those planting the gardens

Have a wonderful gardening year.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Completely missed this! Didn't realize you were starting a separate thread, so when I looked this weekend, and didn't see any new posts on the swap thread, I thought you hadn't posted the last call list yet.

Just a suggestion for next time. Maybe you could post a link on the swap thread to the going once, going twice thread so that no one misses it.


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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Yea.. .I missed it too. Bummer!

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