Tiger Lily Seeds?

stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)July 28, 2006

I hope I'm not asking a recently-answered question--I did do a search! I'd like to collect the seeds from some tiger lilies (the upright, speckled kind, not the orange daylilies also called this)

The seeds are pretty obvious, and they seem to fall off when still plump, but should I wait until they're older and possibly wrinkled-looking (I'm trying to remember what they looked like last year)

Also, since they're not a dry seed, do they need to be planted fresh, or can they be stored for awhile, and traded?


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These bulbils (not seeds) that grow between the leaf and stem can be taken from the stem as soon as the flower has faded but it's my understanding that they shouldn't be allowed to dry out. Plant them about 1/2" to 1" deep in good potting soil as soon as you harvest them. They take 2 to 3 years to get to blooming size after planting. They will be clones of the mother plant, not crosses like you get with true seeds. If the soil under the lilies is good and not mulched too heavily, the bulbils that fall may take root and grow on their own. Just another marval of mother nature!

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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

Thank you for the information! I would not want to save them for trading, now that I know they need to be fresh.

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Regarding the trade: Wouldn't it be possible to save the stem bulbils, well padded, in *barely* damp vermiculite in a ziploc and traded that way? The might throw a root or two or even a leaf inside the baggie, but that wouldn't hurt anything.

Definitely a bubble envelope, but I would think you'd get some takers on a trade.


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