Nina3331(z6/7 Utah)July 1, 2005

How do I collect seeds from this? After the bloom has died, there appears to be a very small papery seed pod. Do I collect these and just plant them as they are? The seeds I purchased from the store do not have this papery pod, just the seeds. Help please!

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Nina3331(z6/7 Utah)

Hey, never mind. I took a closer look and found out it IS a seed pod. I collected a bunch last night and left some so my Alyssum could reseed. I am so excited! Now I can plant it out front without having to go pay for more seed from the home and garden center. This is the gold Alyssum. I just hope the purple and white are as easy to collect from.

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Hi Nina,
The purple & white alyssum will be just as easy. I just leave my plants in the ground over the winter & let them reseed themselves. In the spring, I have LOTS of little alyssum babies.
Have fun,

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