Dwarf Monarda Bee Balm

peaches20(6 PA)July 30, 2006

I have two dwarf bee balms. I just picked some dead flowers and don't see any seed. I've had these plants for about 2 years now and they haven't spread at all. Bought 3 and lost 1. Is there seed? or are the clutivators?



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I discovered this plant in Upper Michigan. The Home Depot store in Marquette carried this plant. From what I have learned on my own it is a biannual plant. It does have seed, they are in the purple flower after it dries out, very small seeds. They reseed themselves. So to me, it's very much a perenial. I take the flower heads once dried and sprinkle them in the same area. I love the fragrance and use the flower an extract the oils from the leaves for my home made soap. I now live in Central Oregon and have been trying to grow plants from seed. As none of the area lawn and gardens carry this plant, only the original bee balm that's 36 to 48 inches tall. Not the same to me. If I am successful at growing I would be more than happy to mail you some seed.

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