Sans Moonshine

jezzaduSeptember 29, 2003

Hi all - over the weekend I got a gorgeous, albeit very small starter specimen of Sans Moonshine. It's really a gorgeous looking plant. I would like to know if this Sans is as hardy as the regular varieties or if it needs higher levels of light, direct sun? etc? Any help - much appreciated :-)


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I find it to be just as tough as your other Sansevierias,
Jez. All Sans require very bright light but no direct sun.
Early morning sun would be OK, but not afternoon. If you
will cut a leaf off and plant it, in about a month or so
it will produce plants that have the same leaf width and
height as Moonshine, but will have the colors of regular
tall trifasciata, dark green with lighter banding. This
plant is called Robusta. got 2 for 1!


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Thanks Russ - I'll give it a go and see what happens. I might have to wait till the Moonshine is a little bigger - it's still a small plant.


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Hi, yes I would wait until the rosette no longer looks really good before taking leaves. This can really mess up a fresh young offset. The silvery white color of new growth slowly darkens to a light green color. But, the new shoots that come up from the soil will again be the palest silvery green. So, if perchance your whole plant darkens before you get new shoots, do not dispair. It is a very good grower, needs about the same conditions as other sansevierias. Being a trifaciata type it is more tender to cold than some of the very succulent cylindrical types.

I have never really studied the hardiness of various types, but have observed that in a cold winter (nights in low 40's), the plants in my coolest room (down to upper 50's) sometimes suffer from the coolness> I have seen this in trifasciata cvs., arborescens, caulescens, and a few others. I moved them in here, a much warmer room and they recover and grow well.

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