'Whale Tale' Sans. What To Do With It.

aveo5September 8, 2012

I bought several huge pots of the HUGE leafed 'Whale Tale' Sans. I got (3) 5 gallon pots of them, they are bursting thru the pots already. I tried to sell off big sections of it on EBay, and no one wanted any. Now I have 3 pots bursting with enormous rhizomes into the soil in my yard. Can you tell me where to plant them so that I get the best color and best growth? Except for throwing them out, I dont know what to do with them. I can bring in one rhizome and have it as a house plant, but then I am left with a lot of plants and new rhizomes,so I might as well plant them in my yard and fill some spot. But is it shade, sun,wet,dry,morning sun, afternoon sun, I have no idea, they are growing fairly well in light shade all day, but not in a convenient spot. Any ideas?

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Can't type well enough to respond completly 1818 763-0048 feel free to call if you need more information. I can help.

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Thanks Norma, But I dont have long distance ability on my phone. I havent had anyone to call long distance in over a decade, so why pay AT&T for something I never use. Thanks anyway.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I haven't heard of Sans. 'Whale Tale'. I think Norma was going to get a better idea of what you got. The size and growth sounds like Mason Congo. but who knows. Can you put a few pictures on for us. Also if your in zone 10, outside should be ok and in some shade. As far as selling them, If they were named right, maybe you would have more hits.

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You can call through skype,it is free.

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