Saving Radicchio Seeds?

Reach_For_The_Sun(6)July 9, 2013

I read that they should be separated by 1/2 mile from possible crosses. Well there is wild chicory growing within that range both outside of my neighborhood and that neighbor doesn't mow it down in their yard. There is separation by a few trees and at least 50 ft from the closest wild one. Maybe 2-3 dozen plant within 200 ft of my radicchio. The rest in greater number is within 1/4mi.

How should I go about saving the seeds? My only thought is bag some flowers before they open and then hand pollinate. Which bring up the question of whether you can hand pollinate radicchio. I do not read anything about being able to do so.

Any thoughts on how to save the seeds in this situation and not waste the time that it took to get it this far?

Thanks for the input

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