Sansevieria from seed

foxwichya(7b)September 20, 2007

Does anyone know a good method to sprout Sansevieria seeds? I had seven blooming at the same time this summer so i was crossing pollen around from different species. I ended up with close to 40 seeds. Thanks.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I just took new** seed from the plant scratched them with a nail file and planted them with just a thin layer of something to keep them moist and dark.

**With many succulents I have found the new seed best. There are sure to be numerous exceptions.

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Dear foxwichya,

Last autumn, I had been lucky that my Sansevieria parva has produced a single fruit (without my help). When the fruit was bright orange-red (at the end of December) I had opened it and found a single big hard and dry seed that I have put immediately in a planter. I have placed the planter on a window sill (below a central heating) and kept it moist. After one week, I have noticed the first miniature leaf, and now the plant is 9 months old :)

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Thanks for the input on germinating the Sans seeds Mine are turning orange now and looking forward to planting them soon. If anyone else has any experience in this please share also.

Thanks again

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

They should be fresh. his seems to me a must for this species. Norma

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Hi, yesterday I made some photos of a tray with young S. robusta (not trifasciata) seedlings.
They were sown on 16 may 2007, started germinating the end of june and now they are nearly 3 months old.
I use pure perlite covered with small volcanic stones, keep moist, WARM and just wait.

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I have a red fruit on my S. cylindrica and hope to get it to sprout!

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Thanks for this thread! I have a couple of seeds that have just turned orange so I'm going to give it a shot and try to germinate them. Hmm, happens to be on my cylindrica too.
Now I am excited.

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ant_ant(SF Bay Area)

So my Cylindrica bloomed, the flowers died off and the stalk had a number of fruits/seedpods on it. All but one died back with the top of the stalk. The last one has become plump and green at a generous 1/4 inch I'd say. I've done no pollination and the flower is not yet completely withered but I have no others to cross with. By previous posts I'm assuming this pod will turn orange eventually and can be planted.
Will I need to peel off a skin or do I plant the whole thing? Are there more seeds than one inside this pod? (I'm seeing a couple new plantlets from the base now too.)
I've had my snake sans bloom but never had seeds. Yes, I'm excited too!

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