Baby Shower Minus 7 Days and Counting

boxofrox(z8 PNW)July 7, 2012

We are on the home stretch trying to get ready for our nieces baby shower and the weather has turned to summer finally. Unfortunately, a mole has decided to wreak havoc between the stepping stones of my walkway...........GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :-(

Slaving, slaving, slaving but here are a few pics from those brief moments when the sweat is drying ;-) Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.



Sunset Celebration





One of my many Hydrangeas

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

The results of your "slaving" are wonderful.
I love the way a lot of roses "age" so beautifully.
Abe is fantastic, as always.
My fave. of course, is the orange "Sunset Celebration."

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Your roses look quite happy today :) We're having such a bad heatwave, that mine are not looking their best. Congrats on the baby shower! I'm sure it will be beautiful!


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Oh, Boxo, I have to run, so many things to prepare, I have some major life changes coming ahead with new job, my boyfriend, continually conditioning and getting Eluane physically slimmed down and toned for her possible hip dysplasia issues, lots of things but just wanted to say how GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL your garden is! Lyda is like a Stairway to Heaven, and Your AD is ALWAYS IN MY HEART! I was looking at my maddening Climbing Oklahoma and thinking if only AD were there instead, but fearing me killing an AD.... He and the Chicago Peace bring me PEACE!and your Sunset Celebration there's a tie between it and Hot Cocoa as my Third, with Hansa being in Fourth. Stalkers always keep the Tally, lol! But oh, those magnificent Garden Views, sheer heaven. Everything so bountiful and sunlit! Breathtaking and Beautiful, Boxo. Nothing more can be said!!!

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

Man-Oh-Man, we finally got around 90 today and that's hot enough for me, especially at my age. I was climbing at the top of the rock garden and waterfalls and it sapped me. I'm down to 5 days left so I have no choice..........

KG, feces occurs. Take a chill pill and go with it, moderation is not always one of the options and too much is most likely better than not enough. Lots of folks would probably trade their current lot in life for yours :-)

Having said all that, view these pics and repeat after me.......serenity now, serenity now, yaddayaddayadda ;-)

Three distinct DD's


Front Yard to Pond

Some Hydrangeas


Midnight Blue

Gertrude Jekyl

Easy Goin'

Red rose amongst the yellow trumpet

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Wow!! Your first Abe picture should be in a rose calendar. That's freakin' gorgeous!!! But, yet, Ginger STILL manages to outshine Abe - well...maybe just hold her own. Those are seriously gorgeous blooms!!! I love your Double Delight pictures too - especially the last one of your first post.

Have fun at the baby shower - it must be so gratifying that your yard is up to the task. Lovely!!


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Whoaaaaa, Fabulosa Rugosa! whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo, I've been missing having my Handsa on the Hansa, bwahaha! and whoaaaa - "Easy Does It", hahaha!

Love those hydrogen hydrangeas with their cool blues and baby pinks - goes with the baby shower theme ;-)

Gorgeous garden view with the fountain!

Will be wishing your niece a wonderful! fun baby shower. Now it's time to walk my Little Fur Baby! I have to be up tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. again! But so worth the time. I can tell how traumatized Little E is for not seeing me the entire 8 hours of the day. So she needs all that playtime and attention before Mama leaves for work! Looking forward to more Box o' flowers!

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What a lovely flower. Thanks for the ideas. That's really helpful for some other people out there who are planning to have a baby shower party. A perfect present indeed! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Get a baby shower present

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Hello, Boxo,

Gee I'm just now seeing this thread I'm almost a year

Hope the neices baby shower went well and I really like
your rose and other plant pics! :)

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