One More Sans, NOT water grown

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)September 28, 2011

This rather small (no ID) Sans. is 10 yrs. old, I received it 10 yrs. ago from a friend of a friend. Note the scale, size of pot in my hand. Tiny but cute & VERY slow growing.

(Jeff, this is from Uncle Phil, marked Mozambique, yup 10 yrs. now, amazing.)

Anyone suggest any IDs pls?

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Wow, Karen, time warp time! No, I don't know the plant. Maybe more of a close-up will help others ID it (I don't know....).

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Jeff could it be S. francissii any way that is what Karens picture reminds me of. Karen see if you can find a picture in a book and see if you have a mattch, Mine have not grown long yet. easy to start from a leaf in potting mix.

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You could probably grow that in a thimble or an acorn. Very cute.


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