Geranium seeds?

elvisJuly 3, 2006

Hi! I've checked the FAQ's to no avail (sigh). It's a no-brainer where the seeds are on geraniums--but when/how to get 'em?

Anyone? Thanks!

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You are talking about perennial geraniums? The seeds develop at the base of where the flower was and the whole thing looks sort of dried out.
Click on the link and then click geranium. It is better than my description, lol!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Seed Site Seedpods

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I've had luck collecting them on my hardy geraniums, and they germinate like mad from seed, but i have had very little luck catching them in time on annual geraniums. You might want to try covering them with a small tulle bag when the flower starts to fade so that if they 'explode' and send the seed flying you will catch it in your bag. They just don't seem to pollinate and set seed for me. I've the same problem with nasturtiums, impatiens and sweet peas. *sniff*!

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Thanks, both of you. These are hardy geraniums--VERY hardy, LOL! Remy, that is a good site--thank you! I'll save it. It helped me identify one of my mystery geraniums--macrorrhizum. Now I can save the seeds--I don't like to save unidentified seeds (what's the point, right?). I have lots of the Buxton Blue and pink cranesbill I'd like to get seed from...thanks again!


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