Front Yard Rose Garden

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)July 24, 2007

This is a picture of my Front yard mostly Floribunda Rose garden that I started last year but have been working on this spring.

I only had afew in there last year but moved most of those araound, moved lots of others in from other sections of the gardens and bought new ones to plant there.

The picture is taken from the street and you can see the garden is really in the front yard. From the sidewalk you can touch the first few rows of roses.

I have some bulb lilies flowering in there too. The section next to it on top of the new wall is a daylily garden and to the left of that but out of the picture is the new shrub rose section.

Since I was posting pictures I am including one of a section of the side yard rose garden.

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Thanks for posting this. My main piece of remaining sunny real estate is my front yard, and I've been contemplating replacing grass with you-know-what. It helps to see other's ideas. Yours are all very pretty. Annie

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Your stone wall is magnificent! Very pretty job on the planting.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Wow! Very pretty! I love the lillies too.

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Very nice landscaping. Beautiful!


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Your garden is so lovely, you did a great job!

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Your landscaping looks awesome! I love the mixed border at the side of your house too. Your plants all look so healthy.

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My friend in Portland OR has a beautiful display of Ballerinas in her front yard. She lives at the end of a cul-de-sac, so there isn't a lot of room, but her display of these roses gets a lot of attention and comments from passersby.These pictures are a little dark, but you get the idea.

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cajunrosegal(10 south florida)

oh my Im envious!! I cant wait to plant!!!WHAT LOVELY ROSES!!!!

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I love the terracing on your hill. It looks great. I love how the roses blend so well with the other plants. It's quite wonderful.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Here is a closer view of the front yard rose garden.

One of the roses blooming. This one is Francois Rabeleas (spelled wrong, I am sure).

A View of this side of the front yard from the street taken at a different angle.

Moving closer you can just see the new shrub rose section done this spring. These were mostly J&P bare root put in this spring and they have a lot of growing to do but are all doing very well.

A view looking down the front shrub rose section toward the also newly put in daylily garden that is between the Floribunda Rose Garden and the Shrub Rose Garden.

Closer view of the small roses in the shrub section.

This all needs some time to grow as much was done this spring. Even by next year it should be really nice.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Better View of the top picture above.

This is the front taken from the driveway side with My Bee Bop in full bloom. As you can see there are some roses on this side too, just not as many as on the other side of the yard.

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Lovely gardens, and I love your neighborhood.

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Susan Serra

I thought I wrote on this already! It's beautiful, Rita. Your gardens and landscaping are beautiful, and so colorful too. They all look healthy and happy!

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

Oh Rita! I am so envious of your beautiful slopes and terraces. I'm going to "invent" slopes to terrace in my flat flat yard, so I can showcase my roses and drip plants down the sides like Creeping Jenny, Delosperma and Snow-in-Summer.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Thanks. My yard is not that big and I have to get creative if I want to fit everything in. The block wall in the front yard is new this spring so all the roses in the section that was filled in are new. This expanded a section of my front yard that I had put in afew shrub roses.

As far as the very front floribunda rose garden, I started that last year but had to redo it when all my mulch washed out this winter. So I did the stacked stone wall and the second tier up behind it. That is actually some 12 by 18 pieces of slate bought at Home Depot laid in a line. Then pieces of rebar were pounded into the ground in front of them so that they could not fall down and made a nice step up in the grade.

This was mostly were I was putting the roses that I was moving in my moving roses around thread from earlier this year in the spring.

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Glad this post came back to the top or I would have missed your addition photographs. Your yard is lovely and the amount of work necessary to get it that way is certainly evident. Beautiful work in progress, and it will be even better next year!


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Looks super!! You really show-cased your roses nicely. Thanks for the look.


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Rita, I am impressed. You have been working very hard for your roses. I hope they return your efforts and just bloom their heads off for you. I am sure it will be just be stunning. A hillside of gorgeous roses--your neighbors will be/are so jealous. Wish you were my neighbor.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Winter doldrums here and I am REALLY missing my summer garden. Looking at the pictures brings back happy memories of this year. Since these pictures were taken at the end of July the roses really grew and filled in even much more during the next three months of August, September and October. Even looking out there now in the freezing cold these past few days, I can see the much more filled out and taller rose shrubs as they finished for the fall.

Come spring, I will cut them back some to make sure they grow nice and full and things should start to look really smashing.

Last year I got many, many compliments from passersby on my front yard gardens and specially on the roses of course!

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I am at the computer, freezing.. and missing my roses so much when I found this thread. Your gardens are just beautiful. So much work and love have gone into them and it shows. I can not begin to tell you how your gardens have brightened my day.You have combined roses with other plants perfectly. You are an artist. Thanks a million. Lesley

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Hi newyorkrita,

I have a 20 ft by 5 ft area in my yard which I would love to make like you done.. can you tell which kind of roses have you used and what's spacing between the plants...Your garden is sooo nice...I am soo eager to make my rose garden like yours..very beautiful..

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