Leadwort seeds-How to collect properly???

booboobolhuis(7, Oklahoma)July 28, 2010

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to properly collect Leadwort seeds? Actually if you could tell me what I am looking for or provide a picture that would be extremely helpful. You can send an email if you prefer booboobolhuis@yahoo.com

Thank you,


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Here is an old picture of what mine looks like.

Where the brown heads are or where the flowers die back is where you are suppose to find the seeds. The seeds are suppose to be tiny and black and maybe 3 to 5 seeds per head. I say suppose to because I have tried several times to collect seeds from mine and I have been unsuccessful. I plan to try again this year and who knows I may have waited to long last year to collect them or just to early.

And yes people this plant is that true blue color. Wonderful drought tolerant plant. One of the few plants that I actually paid full price for.

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I just went outside and tried to see if I could find anything that was close to a seed. The heads on my plants now are even browner than the ones in the picture and I flipped up one head and underneath was still green. So it looks as if I tried to collect the seed to early. I plan to keep an eye on mine and when I find seed I will be more than happy to post the pictures for you.

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Still no seeds yet and underneath the heads are still just as green as it was during bloom. I thought my shasta daisy was a long one to get seeds from but this plant takes even longer.

Remy, are you familiar with this plant I call it perennial plumbago or (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides)?? This is one plant that has totally stumped me. Any advice you have would be appreciated, cause this is a pretty ground cover that I would love to share also.

Another option I was considering was waiting till after our first frost. If I do not collect seeds prior to the first frost and say the seeds were still in the plant do you believe that the seeds would still be viable after the frost hits the plant??

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Well still no success in finding anything that resembles a seed. I did some research I want to say maybe 2 or 3 years ago and that is where I found the information about the 3 to 5 seeds. Well tonight I said I am going to try and locate that website, so far I have been searching for I know at least an hour, not including what I have been doing throughout the week. This is about the closest bit of info that has anything on where the seed is. I posted the link below for anyone else interested.

Funny thing is while searching I keep finding this post, and one guy back in 2008 was looking for about 5000 plants but no luck on anything in anymore detail then what I posted and that is not much.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

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