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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6September 26, 2011

Hello All,

I'm new to this posting stuff. I'm retired now and have more time to enjoy my indoor gardening. I replied to a post about 'New Rage in Sansevierias', stating that I'm into the S. trifasciata group. Below is some of the Sans I own; Gold Hahnii 'Favorite', 'Jade Dwarf Marginated', 'Black gold Hahnii', plain 'Hahnii', Black Futura Goldedge', 'Laurentii Silver', �Bantel�s Sensation�, and my latest 'Forescate'. I also have a Sans. Guineensis Variegata' Bought by mistake for a Trifasciata. But I like it. It is different. As soon as I figure out how. I will show pictures of mine.


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Maryl zone 7a

Welcome to the site Stush. I bounce in here every year or so to see what's new. Like you my favorite Sans is Trifasciata, but don't have many of them other then a few of the more common ones: Laurentii, Moonlight, Baseball Bat etc. This past week I went to our local Cactus and Succulent show but for some reason Sans are not common there. I was looking for Golden Hahnii and have been looking for a few years now since I killed mine. I think they may be more sensitive to growing conditions then regular Laurentii. Then yesterday I ran into a new shipment of house plants at Lowes and bought one marked Golden Hahnii. Although it is very upright and I seem to remember mine being more spreading, I figure it could just be the way it was shipped to the store. I guess I will find out. You have a nice collection going yourself. I hope you can figure out how to post pictures. It's always nice for those of us who need pictures for I.D. Welcome aboard....Maryl

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Welcome. I usually lurk in the background but I wanted to say Hello.

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I want to welcome you as well. Norma

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Stush,

The way to post your pix is to use a photohosting site & then upload from there to here.

I use Photobucket (free) so I can speak about that. The short version, put your pix there & then copy & paste into here the THIRD Line of code which will appear under the pic at Photobucket into a message you've started here.

At first it will look like Gibberish, but the Image should be visible when you hit 'Preview'. If not, try again, it might take a couple of tries to get it.

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Get a photobucket account, create chapters or files to keep images that you'd like to use. One can be sansevieria, another can be succulents, another can be orchids, etc.
To upload, simply upload files from your hard drive, or other source and you can upload multiple files by holding the command key button and clicking on images you'd like to upload.
To post images, copy the file under html code (a href="http...) to post in the text.
headings and captions can be added to the text portion and the site will adjust the rest.


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Thanks all,
I will get into the Photo Bucket. I am have trouble with my compoter. Maybe a virus or someting? It locks up and I some times have to shut down and start all over again. I have Webroot and did what they said. Hope it works out.

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Just wanted to say "Welcome" also. Great group of plants.

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I have a few as well, 'Bantels Sensation' 'Manolyn' ''Forscate'
Tenzen' 'Siam Silver' well most Juan has in his first book. I don't grow any S.hanii I started 250 'Forscate' for the Huntington they need heat, and may need to be grown a few feet from a Western Exposure even in Arizona little water, this one is touchy. 'Silver Queen'
'Japanese Stripe' 'Lillian True' 'Silver Princess' 'Craigii'and a few others I don't remember. I really dont like cultivars and sports. I like the species that come straight from Africa and I grow them to look like African plants. I don't want them to look as if they came from Thailand or Hawaii. Norma

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Thanks Norma, I just wonder how you started 250 'Forscate'. What's your secret? How many did you start out with. I didn't think you could use just stem cuttings? Most would not come out true, or do they?
Thanks, Stush

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Started out with one only. I found it very picky about the heat and dryness. When I had a pot full (8"pot) I divided it, each plant got it own 8" pot, and repeated the process.
until I had 250 offset to give them their own 4" pot, they were left out side over the week end by a staff person after I told them they would not make it through the week-end they all died so I had to start over, so another 10 years of time was lost before they could be ISI plants. It can take good sun when it gets used to it.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Thanks Norma, What a story. What a waist. A lot of time waisted. That story can make anyone cry.

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I find it hard to believe that left out just for a week end they all died. This seems odd especially when so many of my plants, Ed Eby's plants were just left out to dry in the sun to cure cuts, divisions and damages from harvesting from the ground. Did not even a single plant survive being out of soil? They are succulents, capable of growing from leaves and can start from a near dead rhizome piece.

"All died" I still find it impossible. These are not that easy to kill, even if left out in full sun not planted over the week end.

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