Salvia Cherry Queen - branch sport?

warddaAugust 16, 2009

This morning I noticed a purple flower on one of my Cherry Queens. It was the same strange purple that is seen in greggii Theresa, which is another branch sport I believe. At this point I'm not sure whether the entire branch will be this color and won't know for at least a week. My fingers are crossed. Has anyone else seen sports on Cherry Queen? This is the first color break I have seen on any of my sages.

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I have not had sports show up on S x Cherry Queen.
But I have another sport from teresa and a
sport from a pink S.greggii "cherry Pink"
it is called "Armands Blush" Looks like teresa
but from a pink greggii not red like teresa is.
Get cuttings going and see if it stable or if it reverts
back. I have had guarnitica's throw a whorled set of
foliage cuttings revert back to opposite just like the
original plant.Reguardless get some cuttings going
that should be a great intro Ward!

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Post a picture when you can. I introduced Cherry Queen quite a while ago, and I am pretty sure it s a cross of the old-fashioned form of S. blepharophylla with S. greggii `Furman's Red'. I found it as a seedling volunteer in my big tub of S. blepharophylla, which is why I am pretty sure that is the mother plant.

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Then here is hoping it isn't just some odd single flower. If it does work out I will certainly be willing to pass it along. The idea of a color break in Cherry Queen is rather exciting to me because the plant has proven to be very hardy here in New Jersey and for the past few years it has been the first to flower in the spring.

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