Bug I saw in the roots of my new Snake Plant

liberty111September 15, 2008

Hi guys!

I bought my new snake plant and peace lily in the farmer's market last weekend. I went ahead and re-pot these guys to a bigger sized pot. During the process, I saw a small bug that has antennas on it (it looks like a miniature version of a cockroach). I ignored it and went ahead and potted my new plant. Now I'm thinking whether I should have killed the bug instead of ignoring it. My question is, should I throw away my new plant? Or try to cure it? I'm scared that critters might crawl out of my new pot and infest my apartment. I'm obviously new to plants although I have started loving it.

I also noticed a shiny thing that does not look like part of the root system (I'm thinking a coiled up worm? Or maybe I'm just mistaken as some roots may have dark color right?)

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jerusalemcherry(Dunellen, NJ)

If you would like to get rid of any bugs living in the soil, just pick up Systemic insecticides as they effective. Just go online & type in Systemic Insecticade. These gets mized in to the soil & works great..

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