Sans flower pics

seniorflippyfloppySeptember 10, 2011

Thought I would share a few pictures on my S. ballyi and S. suffruticosa that bloomed October 2010. Sonce blooming the main plant has stoped growing from the central point and are instead sending out runners profusely. I'll try to get a picture of them now to show the new growth.

S. suffruticosa

S. Ballyi

S balli flower close-up

I have pictures somewhere of my big S cylindrica that flowered at the same time. When I find them I will post those also.

All of them has a super perfumy smell during late evening and into the night, no scent during the day. They spend summers outside in near full sun for 6 plus hours a day and on a sunny windowsil in winter.

Gilbert Duggins

Smyrna, TN zone 6ish

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Interesting photos, thanks for sharing them!

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