Another Sans ID question

the_pumpkin_queen(z7 Arkansas)September 10, 2005

Well I posted here about a week ago trying to get ID help on my MIL tongue (my first Sans) and you guys were right...I got more!

Can you ID this one for me?


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This looks like your classic Sansevieria trifasciata variegated which means the white or yellowish stripes along the leaf edges. No stripes and drop the "variegated" tail.
Sometimes they will have all green leaves in lower light and surprise you in brighter light with variegated leaves. They live well in either East, South, West exposures including full sun preferably half day.

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the_pumpkin_queen(z7 Arkansas)

So is this the same as the one in my first posting? I sure hope not since I actually BOUGHT this one!

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logan33(z6 OH)

They are both the same species but this one is a different variety. This one is S.trifasciata 'laurentii' which is one of the more common ones you will find. There are tons of different varieties of S. trifasciata. Sometimes a new pup that might pop up in a pot of S.trifasciata will be a sport, basically a mutation that will be a little different from the basic parent plan and that pup is sometimes propagated and named and becomes a new variety. The trifasciatas are the main ones I ever see in the stores or local nurseries but if you check out this forum a ittle bit you will see there are many other species that are really cool plants. The only thing about them is that you can pretty much only find them online at specialty nurseries or on ebay. At least that has been my experience. Enjoy! Logan

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Logon, that has been my experience as well, that they are commercial plants found in stores, and nurseries. You can seldom find anything else. They are one of the step children of the amateur's succulent plant growers. There are several hundred varieties, and species, many hybrids, and sports. The only problem people hide them, and don't grow them, and they are considered a novelty plant. In the hobbiest world you are ridiculed if you grow a collection of them. There is never a program regarding them. What a shame that so many of us don't know a thing about them. Norma

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This is one of my most favorite Sans among 5 - 7 others. It flowers more often than any other variety I grow. Some how it sets only a few seeds of each flowering spike! I am happy for that ;-]

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

There are seveal mail order places to buy them, I found most are very ethical. Send good merchandise, I don't know if I'm allowed to name them here. You should all set up trades here. Norma

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

May I just add as a note to Norma (Dufflebag) that I'm working to change that.

Next month at my mtg of Indoor Gardening Society, a friend & I will be giving a program on Sansevierias. My friend is an excellent grower of several diff. kinds, but shy of public speaking. I am not shy to speak publicly (I joke that G_d must have given me a big mouth for a reason) & have at least 10-12 diff. Sans. of the less common varieties to show & discuss. So I sort of cajoled my friend into giving this program w/ me. My friend will do the demos like breaking up an overgrown one that's breaking out of its pot to show folks their rhizomes, how to divide them & pot them up, etc. Probably also show how to cut up some leaves & pot them for propagation.

I will be armed w/ Hermine Stover's book on Sansevierias to discuss their origins, show some pix & their varied leaf styles, etc. I suggested this program to the Board of my Society as it is my hope to introduce my large Indoor Gardening group to these wonderful, diverse & largely carefree plants.

As a side note, all the varieties I've gotten have been as gifts of leaves from friends or swaps from friends, so Norma's idea of setting up trades, really is an excellent & worthwhile idea. All that's required are some friends to trade w/ & a lot of patience, as it sometimes takes a LONNNNGGG time to grow these from leaves, but I do have some beauties to show for my efforts.

(PG) Karen

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