Saving marigold seed?

hnycrk(8a)July 11, 2012

Hi everyone I cut these seed pods off my merigolds and was wondering if i can just dry them in a paper bag and save the seeds.

Most are pretty dry.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Usually. Full doubles will not germinate as well others. Indeed some full doubles may not germinate at all. Many will however germinate and often, but not always, result in a good looking plant and flower.

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Albert, please explane further what full doubles means I have no idea please. How do I properly harvest marigold seeds?

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In the bottom of the first pic, is what you want to save. Yes, put them in a paper bag. Once completely dry, the good seeds will not be easily bendable. You can tell bad marigold seed pretty easy. They are super flexible.

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