I have nooo idea what variety this fellow is

KatherynIridaceaeSeptember 6, 2013

I found this little guy at the grocery store, I thought maybe the Silver Queen cultivar. I know that there are plenty of other pale varieties of sans, though... Would I be correct in thinking that it needs to put on some growth before it can be better identified?

On a side note, I found ONE Bantel's Sensation at pikes. One gallon pot... $35.00! It's been there three months... Hasn't moved an inch. I'm circling it like a vulture hoping it goes down. lol

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Hi Katheryn,
Looks like Moonshine to me.

I bought a large Bantels at Pike Nursery earlier in the spring. I can see why you are tempted. I was in Pikes yesterday and I did see another one. The store is in Cumming, Ga.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Agree with Barb on 'MoonShine'. It is in the Futura class and should not get much bigger than what you got. Notice the dark green edges and wide leaves. Also don't buy that Bantel'sk Sensation. I still have lots to give out on the deal I got last month. Check post below. Just pay postage when package arives. Too bad I didn't have them for Barb when she wanted some. But a large fully grown and nicly grown at that is hard to resist. I might have done the same.

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Moonishine huh? Well it's on my wishlist! I just thought that moonshine didn't really have the darker bands of variegation toward the center of the leaf, just those dark edges. I'm happy with it either way! Can't believe I found it at Publix of all places!

And I really appreciate that offer stush! When you say "just pay postage" Do you mean at the post office or directly to you? I'm not moving so quickly this morning I may need coffee before I process this lol

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Postage will be marked on the box when it arives. Then you can mail it to me. Email me with your info.
I still have trifasciata 'Silver Laurentii' left over from repoting and trying to find a home for.

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The leaves seem in the picture to be very wide, so it leads me to believe it's not Bantels's Sensation. Perhaps 'Moon Shine' the come up silver then tun light green at about a year old. If it seems blue to you then I have another name to offer. Norma

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Hello Noma,
We are talking about two different sans. The one in the picture we all agreed that it must be 'Moonshine'. And I offered her Bantel's Sensation. A picture of some is in my picture I posted (in center), and last picture is 'Silver Laurentii'. The Silver Laurentii will be left out for winter if I can not find homes for. I just don't have all that much room in my house for it.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

Since we're all guessing. I suggest it might be S. t. 'Moonshine Reversion' or S.t. 'Robusta' (an illegitimate name, but apparently still in use). Although this one doesn't have the strong markings of those I mentioned.

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Well I got home from yesterday evening and guess what? My wonderful spouse had purchased for our anniversary that one gallon Bantel's Sensation I had mentioned! So Stush I now have way, way more than I know what to do with , I grateful for you offer but I think someone Bantel-less would benefit from your gift more, and I actually have some silver laruentii! Well... Actually I don't know if it's a small/baby Silver laurentii or a small/baby S.T Futura or even Black Gold. No one seems to be able to tell me so I;ve resigned myself to wait and see what it grows up to be.

Solar, I wasn't aware that there was more than one cultivar of "Moonshine", which would explain the confusion here certainly. I had THOUGHT that it was a youngish "Silver Queen" because of the heavy variegation near the tips of the leaves like in this picture > http://realpalmtrees.com/palm-tree-store/small-silver-queen-snake-ornamental-plant.html

I thought that as plant aged and it put out taller and taller leaves I'd see that variegation farther down the leaf, ruling out it being Moonshine. Now I'm not so sure. But that's all part of the fun.

Both plants are on my wishlist anyway, SO I'm happy anyway.

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