norma_2006September 9, 2010

Helli, the label reads 'Zelenica''Bandipur' from India ex Tropicaflora. That is the one in flower, you gave me the real name of S. ebracteta. I have one with this name from the Huntington Gardens, it had the name of S. ebracteta, 'Rhodesiana' less I spelled the name incorrectly. I want to thank you again, I will also report this to the Huntington Gardens, they also want to correct the names on their plants. The flowers haven't opened yet so can't make a sure ID. I looked it up in Brown's now I must look it up in the New Illustrated Handbook of Succulents, Thanks, Norma

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Helli, this plant has several syn, that are acceptable names, that is why I now have this plant under three different names, my plant has the correct label, just old accepted names of any that I used are correct. Norma

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