Folded leaves

cactiboiSeptember 4, 2005

I have a S. trifasciata and most of the leaves are folded in half from ground level all the way to the tip of the plant. The leaves are standing straight up, they are not drooping. Any idea of what is wrong?

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I received a S. 'Lillian True' from a grower that looked much the same as your trifasciata and what I found was that the poor plant must have been stuffed in a dark corner of the greenhouse and dessicated. Once I transplanted it, gave it light and water, it took about 2 months and the leaves unfolded to normal. Maybe you have a similar situation

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Generally the older leaves/plants in the pot will do this and it can be from dehydration or damage or insectides. If they don't perk up in sunlight with lots of water then you can snip of the droopers with sharp scissors at an angle or cut 'em off at the base. I have two 10" pots, one on the East side of the house and one on my South scorching hot balcony and they both look the same. If it doesn't rain they get a drink every week. They need dividing every two years or so. One becomes two becomes four becomes eight....

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I wonder if anyone else has any other input on this question. I recently received a Sans that is getting these folding leaves. The leaves also are somewhat limp, though they looked good when I received them. All my other Sans including others from this same source are doing very well. I am giving the plant a ton of light and watering it well. It's planted in very good quality quickly draining cacti/succulent soil in a clay pot.

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I think my folded leaves were from underwatering. Brandon, I would be careful about the water. The plant may have been underwatered in the past and thus the folded leaves. Now that you know how much water the plant is getting I would make sure it dries out very well before watering it again. Limp leaves could mean too much water or could it have beeen hit by low temperatures.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I was going to echo what Toots said abt watering. I suspect limp leaves are from too much water. Am experimenting w. a Sans hahnii, which I usually have trouble growing & have noticed that when the leaves felt a bit limp to the touch, after I withheld water, they stiffened back up.

Sorry, I have no advice to offer abt the folded leaves: I've never seen or experienced this myself.

Am I assuming correctly that the folding in half means edge to edge rather than top to bottom? Hum ...

Norma, if you're there pls. have you ever seen this behavior?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

pirate girl, your assumption is correct, edge to edge.

tootswisc, I am fairly sure mine isn't from underwatering. It looked great when I got it, and (after waiting a week after planting even though the roots looked undisturbed/unbroken when I potted it up), I have watered it similarly to my other Sans which are doing so well. Even others from this same shipment are doing very well.

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A couple of years ago I fussed with one of my plants-cutting away leaves that were tipless, scarred or ugly. The day after I did this I noticed a couple of leaves folded up-I think the plant was trying to tell me something. Those leaves are still folded but the plant has grown alot and looks healthy with new unfolded leaves

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rhodostom(z6 MO)

Try repotting it to see what's going on with the roots.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Cactiboi, It is suggested that you withhold water during the cold months, or they will rot and droop if you don't. They will unfold when you are able to water again. Do not water until your weather is warm enough. I just use a little water, just enough to keep them alive. I also have a heater in my greenhouse to keep them warm. Be sure not to water inside of the rosette. Do not repot this time of year. I am with CactiJoe on this one. Keep in mind that this particular specie may be different than the others that you received. Do you realize that some species grow on coral cliffs, other along a stream, and some out in the hot desert sun growing in sandstone. All of these factors must be taken into consideration. Which specie is doing poorly for you and how long have you had it, and what are your temperatures where it is being housed. Are you using a fast draining soil, put a pencil down into the soil, almost to the bottom of the pot, let it sit for five minutes, and inspect the pencil to see if it comes up damp. That will be your answer. Norma

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

After trying other things, I finally started watering more heavily. I kept seeing advise recommending not watering Sansevieria much, especially during winter, but when I started watering what I thought was more than needed, my plants stopped folding up. Some have even unfolded. The ones that had folded the most have not unfolded, but at least the rest of the leaves and new leaves are not folding. My plants are now doing better!

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