Salvia in Central Florida

beanheadAugust 6, 2006

Are there any Salvia lovers from Central Florida here? I fell in love with Salvia this past spring and bought several packets of seed of various species off Ebay. But my love was unrequited. Almost every thing died. Maybe I did something wrong. From what I read about Salvia, I thought Florida would be a great place -- poor sandy soil, dry springs - wet summers - dry falls, and hot blazing sunshine most of the year. But the only species that seem to grow well for me is S.coccinea and S. farinacea.

Does anyone know of other species that might do well here? Or even some advice from some one who grows a variety of Salvia species in Central Florida.

Just wondering if any body here has experience with Salvia in Florida.

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I live in the tropics off Australia.Your weather sounds like mine.First off all only a few salvias like sandy soil, most salvias prefer a light friable soil and good drainage.They dont like wet feet or being overwatered.

The Salvia Chiapensis,Salvia Van Houttii and Salvia Miniata should do well for you.

I find the South American, African and Mexican salvias do well for me.

I have close to 130 salvias + another 60 salvias just started from seed.The test for me is over our hot humid summer, if they survive that they will survive for me.

You may also consider the Salvia Leucantha,Salvia Mexicanas,Salvia Greggii and Salvia Microphyllas.

Just a few suggestions for you.

A Salvia Addict Annette

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you for your response. I'll look into those species you mentioned. And thanks for the link as well.

I will keep my eye out for those that you've mentioned.

130 different Salvias! So you have your own Salvia heaven over there on the other side of the world?
Maybe you'll post some pics for us wanna be's some day, hmm?

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Here is a pic off the Salvia Miniata, it has glossy green leaves and very furry red flowers, it does prefer a bit off shade in the arvo.I love my salvia heaven:)


p.s. you have probably been bidding against me on Ebay, I have brought a lot there too;)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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zozzl(z9 FL)

I have grown the coral nymph salvia for years and this spring I have added other salvia which do fine for me. I do think they appreciate a soil that is not just the typical "Florida builders sand" so I have either put them in areas with better soil or added something to their soil. I have also found that a bit of mulch or leaves in the summer goes a long way to keeping plants happy in Orlando.

If you are interested their is a plant swap in October in Winter Park/Orlando area and the lady holding the swap has a yard full of salvia and butterfly plants. She is very close to Leu Gardens.

You can check out the swap info on the Florida Exchange Forum if you are interested.


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Thanks for the info Pat. I'll look into that.

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This posting was listed as having the latest post on Feb 3rd, 07 but I don't a posting that recent.

I live in Central Florida and have lots of Salvias. I have Coral Nymph, Victoria White and Red Coccinea( reseeds itself all over the place), Black and Blue, Indigo Spires, Mystic Spires Blue, Pineapple Sage, Autumn Sage, and another pink (not sure the name). I have seeds for Blue Bedder to plant this year. I have a blueish purple, can't recall the name of it and also another low grower that begins with an S, I think. Anyway, all do well in pots, and reseed themselves all the time.

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

I think there are lots of salvias that should thrive in your climate. In Louisiana, which has summers of equal heat and humidity but slightly colder winters, Salvia mexicana, s.iodantha, s. miniata, s. van houttei, s. madrensis, s. confertiflora, s. elegans, and s. coccinea all do very well, but suffer a little from the cold winters. S. gesneriflora is another that seems to grow well, but cannot handle the cold weather in winter. Perhaps it would do well in Florida.

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