red globe grapes from seed?

oldenglishroses(8/Northern Cali)July 4, 2005

I have some seeds I saved from some red globe grapes. Does anyone know if I can plant them? I don't know if they grow true from seed. Searching the net but not finding much.

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Grape seeds require stratification in order to germinate well. This stratification is provided by placing the seeds, along with a dilute solution of fungicide on filter paper, in plastic bags and placing them in the refrigerator (5 C / 40 F) for approximately three months. Without this chilling period, seed germination rates would be very low and uniformity in growth among those germinating would be poor. There are many variations on this stratification technique. Some researchers have utilized hydrogen peroxide and or gibberellic acid to reduce the time required for stratification or to increase germination percentage.

I found that on the net hope it helps.

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From a single bunch of globes I saved the seeds, roughly 40 seeds. I placed them in a small tuperware with acrylamide water saving gel crystals that were presaturated with water and kept them at 4 degrees for 2 months. I started them indoors in a draining sand/peat mix. Of the seeds planted three germinated and 2 have survived the year and have been hardened off outside. Fruiting possibly next year will provide a better idea of variation in these 2 plants.

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Out of curiousity I threw some seeds in a pot outside last xmas without any other attention and a few months later they sprouted but died. Then this summer they sprouted again and are getting bigger. about 8 inches high.

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

I have gotten Concord type grapes coming up in my yard from seed. I assume from birds or maybe people flinging seeds around. I know that no chemical solutions were involved in their propagation. So at least in my area, I think just burying grapes would work. (I am a lazy gardener and it works pretty well, birds plant many of my crops - grapes, currants, raspberries, gooseberries plus highbush cranberries, etc.) Northern CA might be different, you might not have enough cold time. We have no lack of cold winter in Wisconsin.

Good luck whatever you try,

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