how to store harvested seeds???

realms(6a)August 11, 2005

i am coming to you for advice on how i should store my seeds that i have collected from both annuals and perennials. i read the post re: storing them in boxes, baggies, etc..but my question involves the proper temps at which to store them at. where i live, in canada, we have very cold winters... i was wondering if i should be storing my perennial seeds in the fridge or garage (ie...cosmos, lupines, love lies bleeding, blk. eyed susan...etc. thank you very much in advance for your advice. lisa

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After my seeds are completely dry, I pack them in baggies (for small amounts) or empty prescription bottles I get from a heart patient friend of mine (large amounts) and store them in the fruit drawer in the fridge.

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magus(8a BC)

I store mine in #0 craft envelopes after they are dry. Paper or "glassine" (looks like envelopes made of wax paper) helps keep the seeds dry, or continue to dry if you didn't dry them enough. Then you should store them somewhere dry and cool. Fridge would be good. A few seeds require special storage conditions, though, so keep an eye for those (eg. helleborus, trillium, corydalis).

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thank-you very much for your great ideas! lisa

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