Coreopsis rosea - 'Sweet Dreams/Heaven's Gate' seed?

roflol(Z6 MO)August 26, 2007

Just wondering if the flower heads of my coreopsis Heaven's Gate might contain viable seed, or not. I'm still trying to identify seed at this point - the dried flower head pretty much crumbles to soft splinters.

Plantfiles says it's a sport of Sweet Dreams, and Sweet Dreams details info for seed collecting. Anybody tried growing seed from any of the C. rosea? Thanks in advance. If nothing else, I will wintersow and spring sow the "splinters" and see what happens. :-)


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Does anyone have any information on this?


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This was taken of a website;

Coreopsis rosea 'Sweet Dreams'

Zone: 4 to 9
Height: 1 to 1.5 feet
Spread: 1 to 2 feet
Bloom Time: June to August
Bloom Color: Red, White
Bloom Description: Raspberry and white (bicolor) with yellow anther
Sun: Full sun
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Flowers: Showy Flowers
Wildlife: Attracts Butterflies
Tolerates: Dry Soil, Shallow, Rocky Soil, Deer
Uses: Will Naturalize

Easily grown in medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun. Unlike other species of Coreopsis, C. rosea and its cultivars have very little drought tolerance and need consistently moist soils in order to thrive. Avoid poorly-drained, heavy clay soils, however. Prompt deadheading of spent flower stalks can be tedious for large plantings, but does tend to encourage additional bloom. Plants may be sheared in late summer to promote a fall rebloom and to tidy the planting (stems often become matted as summer progresses). In optimum growing conditions, plants will spread in the garden by rhizomes to form a dense ground cover, sometimes to the point of being considered aggressive. Plant Patent #12,720 issued June 25, 2002.
Noteworthy Characteristics

Coreopsis rosea (sometime commonly called pink coreopsis or pink tickseed) is noted for being the only coreopsis with pink flowers. It closely resembles C. verticillata in appearance and habit, but lacks the latters heat and drought tolerance. Sweet Dreams is a naturally occurring mutation of C. rosea American Dream. It is a rhizomatous cultivar that typically grows in dense, bushy clumps to 18" tall and 24" wide. Raspberry-white, bi-color, daisy-like flowers (1-1.5" diameter) cover the foliage mound in a profuse and lengthy summer bloom. Flowers feature rays that are raspberry at the base lightening to white at the toothed tips and yellow center disks. Whorls of linear, grass-like, dark green leaves lend a fine-textured and airy appearance to the plant. Plants in the genus Coreopsis are sometimes commonly called tickseed in reference to the resemblance of the seeds to ticks, however it should be noted that this hybrid does not produce seed.

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