Toad Lily Seeds?

starmoon(Z5 NY)August 21, 2005

My toad lilies have started to bloom and I would like to collect the seeds for the three varieties I have. The seed pods often fall off when they are still green leaving bear-ended stems. How can I encourage these pods to ripen and how do I collect the seeds inside?


starmoon *)

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Great question. I wonder this every year and have yet to harvest seeds. I hope someone has an answer that works for us!

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I'll never know; my green pods fall off as well, before ripening. Just out of curiosity, I tried to winter sow those pods. Nothing germinated :(

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anitabryk2(Long Island z6b)

I wonder if they weren't pollinated??

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They shouldn't fall off until they turn brown and seeds fall out. Maybe they weren't pollinated. Seds are tiny and black and fall out of little ripe pods when you roll them between your fingertips.

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starmoon(Z5 NY)

I see the green pods and then the next day they are on the ground. It is possible that they weren't pollinated. Can I hand pollinate them by "tickling" the flower heads or do they need to be cross pollinated by another flower or variety to make seeds?


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