Patchouli seeds & fungus gnats

spottedhenAugust 14, 2008

Hi all--I'm new to this board and hope you don't mind me sharing something I recently discovered. I own a farm upstate where I grow patchouli herb plants from seeds.Lately the plants have been besieged by fungus gnats whose larvae eat the root system,killing the plants.Patchouli seeds are rare in the trade and I needed to do some serious defensive treatment.I've never had this problem before and couldn't find anything that would get rid of them.Some time ago I've heard about a pesticide called Gnatrol but the manufacturer stopped producing it in liquid form and recently created Gnatrol in granular form. Apparantly it contains bacteria that seeks out and eats the gnat larvae. I ordered some to test it and will let you all know the results. Thanks for having me.

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This forum doesn't get a lot of outside traffic like other forums. I and a few others answer questions to seed saving and storage. I don't know about Fungus gnats on a large scale as you may have. I've had them in a pot or two and been able to control them by letting the pots dry out since the gnats need moist soil to survive.
There is a Pest and Disease Forum, a Market Gardener forum, and a House Plant forum. I'm betting you would get better suggestions if you post again in one of those forums.

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