S. suffruticosa 'Spiral Form'

woodnative(6)October 24, 2006

Is there a cultivar of S. suffruticosa called 'Spiral Form'?? I received a couple sans in trade, and one was supposed to be that. One person I asked didn't think that was a cultivar, but noted that all S. suffruticosa become more spiral with age. To further confuse things, there appears to be two different S. suffruticosa in this batch, one darker green with stronger markings of silver. The other one (which I thought was the 'spiral form'), is less well marked, and the leaves are more wrinkled/deflated. Both seem to form offsets on stalks, have not had them (or any of my Sans) long enough to see flowers yet.

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There may be at least 4 forms from four different plant explorers, and from 4 different locations, each will be a suffruticosa only a different clone. Norma

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They look different when babies, young, adults and old age, the color changes as they grow older, so can/does the form it grows. You may get bigger leaves with more fertilizer and shade,but it will lose something in the fast growth/......character, keep it more compact with more sun. Suffruticosa come from over a large area, so there may be many differences. There are wide differences among the same species of a plants, as there are in people, dogs, apes. Keep it too dry and it will shrink, keep it too wet or too well fed, it can rot, or just get plump just like we do. I forgot, do not toss out the old aged plant, replant it will give you new young growth, then toss it out, it's not needed any more, nothing more to get from it. Norma

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